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Hi, I’m Rachel, a Nashville native, homeschooling mama to four, wife to my teenage heartthrob, and a creative pursuing my purpose, one dream at a time. I’ve always been on a mission to bring my family on the journey in everything I do. Who says moms can't dream big, be at home with their kids, and be successful?

My husband Richard and I dabble in all things real estate and own a successful real estate company outside of Nashville, Tennessee. We built our farmhouse seven years ago and have opened three vacation rental properties over the past five years. We have four children and have been blessed both biological and through adoption. We have homeschooled since day one.
At my core, I love Jesus, writing, and designing beautiful spaces, and somewhere along this journey, I have managed to capture an audience online with all of my previously mentioned endeavors. My first book with Harper Collins, She Made Herself a Home, released in March 2020, and while I am currently working on a few more books, my heart has always been about teaching women how to embody their purpose within the home they create. I hope you are here because you feel the same and are seeking the same desire. Welcome!

Creative Heart, Inspiring Mind

At the core of everything I do is my beautiful, blended family. Together with my husband, we share the joy and chaos of raising two energetic biological sons and two wonderfully unique adopted daughters. Our home is a lively blend of personalities and perspectives, a constant source of inspiration, chaos and love. It's in this nurturing environment that I've learned the true meaning of creating a home that adapts, welcomes, and celebrates the diversity of family life.

Our Beautiful, Blended Family

The Heart of My Home

The art of raising a blending family, understanding adoption, designing a home, homeschooling, and conquering one business venture at a time. Find me on socials!

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I share my story from postpartum depression to finding my voice within creativity. I hope to encourage and inspire other women to pinpoint heart felt desires and lead with those callings into finding their purpose.


Of my heart and creativity. I can't seem to pin myself to one genre and am currently finishing a fiction novel and my first Childrens book. You don't quite ever know what will hit the paper with me.


Bring the inspiring voice of an accomplished author, speaker, and content creator to your next event. With a rich background in transforming homes and lives, I offer engaging talks that blend practical design advice with empowering life lessons. My experiences as a mother, designer, and entrepreneur resonate with diverse audiences, making every event a memorable and inspiring occasion.

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Are you looking for a creative and authentic voice to represent your brand? As a seasoned author, speaker, and content creator, I bring a unique blend of expertise and genuine enthusiasm to every collaboration. Whether it's home design, family life, or creative entrepreneurship, partnering with me means engaging with an audience who values authenticity, inspiration, and practical beauty in their everyday lives.

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