Decorating a Back Porch

Let’s Decorate a back porch. 

How do you decorate a porch? Well I’ll share what we did. After having a conference table on our back porch for years, I decided it was time to make the back porch a living room again. I wanted to share with you the before shot before I reveal the after! Don’t get me wrong, the porch was wonderful with the table. We had many a good meal there, but I found that we just kept squeezing ourselves on the side small porch right off this one because it had a couch. It seemed we needed a place to also sit and relax along with eat.  So, we took this table to the porch at our cabin rental, and I worked on recreating this space. 


Here are the elements I went with.  Click on the photos for links. 


This Thorntonville Rug is from Boutique Rugs and you can get 60% Off with my code CNC60 OFF any rug! 

I also snagged this bar cart at Bargain Hunt a discount store a few years back. It was in Richard’s office but looks great out here too! I found it still available on Target’s site here

And last but not least, here is the sectional we bought from Home Depot. We wanted something modern looking with dark cushions. It was very hard to find without breaking the bank. Everything I loved was over $1200 but we finally got luckily with this one from Home Depot. It also came with the coffee table.  

After I gathered all my items, I decorated the room with items I’ve had and added some green plants I had indoors. We already had the hanging outdoor lights, but you can get greats one at Harbor Freight.

Are you ready for the final results? Here it is. Our back porch refresh. 


Hope you guys enjoyed the refresh. A lot of the smaller elements I had included the wingback chairs and baskets from years ago. We have already enjoyed the porch so much more this way. Early morning quiet time and late evening lounging has been our favorite. It’s been a great way utilize the space. 


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