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Welcome to our beach house! Crate and Coastal is a two story single home in the cottage community, The Bungalows, it’s comprised of around 50 individual homes. Each house is decked out in a sunny beach color with beautiful landscaping and pools.  I’ve been told The Bungalows mimic a “movie set”  and while it is true, based on its picturesque looks, there is a sweet sense of camaraderie and community here.  


Our bungalow is located one block from the beach and is exactly a 3 minute walk, or 1 minute bike ride, to the ocean access. Our community pool is beautiful, spacious, and always immaculate and we often split our days in half, beach then pool, or vise versa. Check out the beautiful access below too. You can see just at the end how blue the water is here. White sand and crystal blue water is what draws so many people to the gulf. Richard and I grew up going to the Atlantic. It wasn’t until in our late 20s that we came to the gulf. Our minds were blown by the beauty. We heaven’t been back to the Atlantic since. 


Below is the beautiful pool area. A lot the houses face the pool. Our home faces the parking lot and I have found its so nice to be able to see the front when we pull in and also be away from any noice late swimmers and children cause around the pool. We really scored the perfect location. 

When we acquired the bungalow, it was in dire need of a refresh. Old outdated paint, carpet, and finishes took away from the potential of this sweet place. The kitchen had dark cabinets and the bathrooms only had pedestal sinks. Check out some of the before’s below so that you can appreciate the vast changes we made. 

Are you ready for the afters. I’m so excited to show you. We first had the entire place painted. Top to bottom and inside and out. We painted everything inside Pure White by Sherwin Williams. I have found that using white opens up spaces that feel closed in and small. I also went with the walls in a satin finish. I know this may surprise some of you but I have found with rentals and children being able to wipe the walls is pertinent. We also went with Flat ceilings and choose a gloss finish for all trim and doors. We stick to this regime in all homes we do. The walls aren’t “shiny” as you would expect but easy to maintain. 


We also painted the kitchen cabinets and replaced the outdated tile countertops with grout (inset squeamish face) and replaced it with white quartz. What an amazing difference it made. In each bathroom we took out the outdated pedestal sink and brought in stand alone vanity from Lowe’s for more storage. We had the showers regrouted and hung new wall plates and fixtures throughout. It made a world of difference. See for yourself! Swipe through our after photos. 

Guest Bath

Image 1 of 17

It sure turned out better than I expected and I know you guys want to know all the sources so I am going to add them below. Many of my items are from Amazon. Amazon saved me in this process. Richard and I ordered everything had it shipped to our Nashville home and drove down a Uhaul with everything loaded. It was exhausting but so worth the effort. HERE is my Amazon store with links. 

Beach House Products

I also found a few of the main items on Wayfair and a Lowes. Here are some of the main furniture and finishing items. Decor items were found at local stores like TJMaxx and Hobby Lobby. Click on each photos for a direct link.  


I want to share the beautiful rugs sent to me by Boutique Rugs. I love every thing about this company. They have wonderful quality rugs, fast shipping, amazing customer service, and they have amazing deals. I even have a running coupon code CNC60 for you all to enjoy 60% OFF one rug of choice. 

The Morrow Rug Beach House Rug

The Buttonwillow Area Rug 

Beach House Rug

The Odonnell Rug 

Beach House Rug

The Washington Rug 

Beach Rug

Don’t forget to use my code CNC60 for 60% off a rug! 


Lastly, I want to close with our amazing couch by Article. I was blown away with the quality and it doubles as a pull out sofa with storage. Our home has two bedrooms but with this sofa it sleeps 9 comfortably. This sofa is the most beautiful shade of deep blue and is what I based the entire color scheme of our house around. There is a very comfortable full size bed with a memory foam mattress inside and the chaise on the end lifts for storage. Velvet sofas are all we put in our homes. They wipe so easily and are the best for long maintenance. Check out this article sofa

Blue Sofa


We truly hope that you guys enjoy our second vacation rental and can one day in the future have a chance to stay here. To book a stay please visit From there you will be able to see a calendar and reserve dates by booking through AirBNB or VRBO. Please use the hashtag #crateandcoastal when you stay and tag us on Instagram @crateandcoastal so we can see your stay. If you are new here we also have a cabin in the hills of Tennessee @crateandcabin as well. Visit to book as well. Again thank you for stopping by and always supporting our ventures. 


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