Best coffee table for your living room and how to choose, style them


The heart of any living room is the coffee table. It is also a place where the style is alive though it can be a landing space for remote controls and papers. Any technology has created a marvelous tablecloth, for example with objects at different heights, but the beauty comes mostly from an artful combination of flowers, books, trays, and unpredictable objects.

Where to start?

While picking a coffee table one might feel overwhelmed and for others it might be a frustrating task, you can take this task to get your inner aesthetic guru out, to produce the process somewhat less daunting by following these steps below.

Avoid being scared to try out nontraditional shapes and substances.  There is a good deal of fun layouts available which include the tried and true (midcentury design, as an instance, does not appear to be moving anywhere) for the unexpected (believe a dining table with swimming noodles for thighs ) which you are able to add without turning your Livingroom to a mis-matched playhouse.

How to choose a coffee table?

A coffee table isn’t just a great setting to rest your feet or a cup of tea, it can even be used as storage, an anchor, or even a make-up space for your living room. However, one is right for your home with so many different forms and styles?

Picking a Coffee Table As a fantastic guideline, the first rule of thumb is that the coffee table you purchase should be one-half the period of your couch, but no more than the couch.  When you’re looking for coffee tables that will work well in your living room, you have plenty of options.


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Different Types of Coffee Tables

So which sort of coffee table is ideal for your couch? 

Well, it depends upon the type of sofa you’ve got!  In case you’ve got a typical horizontal couch, we then recommend going with a rectangular coffee table. If you’ve got a sectional or sleeper couch, we then recommend going with a square or round shaped coffee table to match well.  Obviously, you can undoubtedly make it function without following these principles should you truly have your heart set on a particular coffee table!

However, there are certain considerations that you need to keep in mind so you end up with a coffee table that not only looks good but works well as well. By thinking about these details, you will be able to choose the right tables for your living room and thereby create an area that invites guests and is functional.


Coffee Table Materials to choose from:

The first thing that you should decide on is the material from which the coffee table is made. There are two basic choices that are available. These are metal or wood. Metal tables tend to be a lot stronger than their wooden counterparts and so they are more suited for use in areas where you might have heavy furniture. Wooden coffee tables on the other hand are generally lighter and are more suitable for lighter living rooms. Our favorite coffee tables are usually made from stainless steel, wood, or glass.  Here are a couple of recommendations for every substance.

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Like this Brass cylinder, one looks absolutely amazing and it adds character to space.

Choosing material type:

The next thing that you need to decide on when choosing coffee tables is the material from which they are made. Again, there are two basic choices which include glass and wood. If you want to go with the traditional look, then you should choose a coffee table made from teak. However, if you prefer to have a more modern look, then you should choose a coffee table made of glass.


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Since glass gives a very sleek look, this makes it the ideal choice if you have a contemporary based home. A teak coffee table will give a more traditional look if you have a traditional-based home. Therefore, when you choose your table, you need to look at all these factors.

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Choosing from various size, design, and colors:

In the market today, you will find hundreds of different types and styles of coffee tables. They vary from size to design and color to finish. With so many choices, it may be hard for a person to choose which coffee table would best suit his needs and requirements. This article aims to help you choose the right table that will meet your needs for your farmhouse theme living room. First, you need to decide which type or style of table you are looking for. There are five common types:

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Square or Rectangular tables:

On one end of the spectrum are square or rectangular tables. These tables look perfect with most contemporary interior designs. Coffee tables are usually available as floor or drop-leaf coffee tables. Square ones generally feature straight lines with simple finishing touches like beveled edges. Rectangular tables provide a more contemporary look.

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A coffee table with a glass top will offer balance if you wish to view a large number of accessories. It needs no more visual space than, for example, an all-wood style and retains the emphasis on the show.

Round Coffee tables:

The second type of table is the round coffee table. Round tables are great for allowing free space in a room and providing ample room for conversation. However, round tables are not the best fit if your primary focus is on relaxation. A round table’s focus tends to be on the inviting surrounding rather than making a statement on its own. These tables do not flatter narrow spaces and often stick out like a sore thumb in a room.

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Plastic coffee tables

Plastic coffee tables are a third option. While they can be less expensive than wooden tables, plastic tables are typically not as durable as wood. Additionally, plastic tables are typically not appealing or pleasing to the eye. This table might fit well in a formal living room but may not fit well in a casual or relaxed setting.


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Engineered wood tables

Engineered wood tables are the fourth option. These tables were previously designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and are built to last a lifetime. So, the tables are often displayed for their strength and durability and never used for any purpose other than to add an elegant touch to the living room. They are also constructed to match the surrounding furniture and provide an aesthetic that matches the rest of the home.


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In a formal sitting area with upholstered furniture put two wood stools side by side to add texture. Except for a tiny object, leave the tabletop bare. Like this solid table above.

Solid wood table tops

Solid wood table tops provide the surface for the table and typically come in a variety of styles and finishes. They provide a traditional appearance while providing the stability and durability needed to meet your needs. You can choose from a vast selection of finishes and styles including natural, distressed, and paintable tabletops.

Coffee table with glass tops

A fifth choice is a coffee table with glass tops. Glass coffee table tops provide a modern, sleek look that complements your general decor perfectly. Glass tops can be etched or painted in any design style imaginable and reflect light with a sparkling gleam. Glass tabletops often feature a mirrored finish and come in various sizes, styles, and designs. Painted glass table tops are a popular option because they can be custom painted to coordinate with the rest of the decor.

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A rustic feature can be a perfect alternative like the coffee table in the above picture. If you’re looking for a farmhouse, beach, country, or industrial style. A coffee table with a rustic finish or style will give the rooms that need tiny texture and character the perfect finishing touch. Moreover, many are made of sturdy long-lasting wood with a few knicks and scratches that have just more character!


Style and size of your coffee table:

Once you have decided on the material from which your coffee table is made, you can focus on what style suits the rest of the decor of the room. The style will also depend on the size of the room where you will place it. A big room requires a big coffee table. This is why big coffee tables are generally placed in huge rooms such as the drawing-room or the family room. A medium-sized room however will require a smaller table. It is ideal for such a room as its size does not allow for any unnecessary clutter.

Design of your coffee table:

With regard to design, you will find that there are designs in which the tabletop is flat whereas there are designs in which the top has a raised lip. There are also designs in which the legs of the coffee table are swivel and there are designs in which the legs can rotate. In short, the design of the glass coffee table will depend on your personal taste and the theme of your living room. Some people will like a minimalist look, while others will like a darker look with black and chrome pieces. All these things should be considered before buying a coffee table.


Alternative Coffee Table Suggestions


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You do not need to abide by the conventional coffee table in case you don’t need to.  Many families decide to utilize a coffee table made of unconventional materials or items.  Think of a classic trunk for a coffee table or some flea-market location!

Listed below are a couple of other coffee table thoughts:

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Other than these, you will find that there are many different styles of coffee tables that are available. You can choose from the bistro, entertainment center, end tables, and many other designs. You will also come across many different types of coffee tables in wrought iron.

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Therefore, no matter what kind of look you want to create within your home, you will find that coffee tables come in handy for the job. If you are working with a rather small living space, you will find that a small coffee table will do the job very nicely. However, if you are looking for something that can make a larger impression, you will be delighted by the designs in which big coffee tables are available.

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When it comes to price, coffee tables will not set you back a lot. The coffee table which is made out of wood will be more expensive than the ones that are made out of glass or metal. Therefore, when choosing a coffee table, make sure that you have your budget in mind. With the many options that are available today, you will find that picking up the right coffee table is very easy.


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How to style your coffee table?

If it just isn’t your thing that you want to combine

  • seasonal objects,
  • flowers 
  • books, Pick one comment that represents your personality.
  • An eye-catching sculptural piece or vase with your favorite blooms is often important to complete the design of the living room.
  • If it’s a family heirloom or pottery, it adds a special touch with a feeling factor in your coffee table décor. Moreover, it is a decent starting point for discussion, something that every interior requires.


Choosing the right table will help to bring together the entire living room space and create a beautiful living space. When you begin your search for the perfect table, take into consideration the specific needs you have for your particular living room.

Take into account how many guests will be using the table, where you will be placing the table, how much storage space you need, and whether the table will be used as a breakfast table, coffee table, or end table. Once you have a good idea of the specific requirements you have for your new table, you will be able to easily shop for the perfect one to fit your needs.

If you would like to know more about tables and table settings inspired by farmhouse theme click here to read.

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