Favorite Household Cleaning Essentials

As a mom of three and pet owner (x5) there is always something in our household that needs cleaned. I often get asked what I use to keep such a “neat house” and what best works for me. I’ll let you in on a secret. I don’t use much. I try to use very minimal products, and if I do, I try to be as natural with those products as I can. Here is a list of my favorite everyday cleaning essentials. 



I’ve had many a vacuum over our 15 year marriage and have recently fallen in love with the Samsung Jet Stick. This is my everyday vacuum. There are many cordless vacuums on the market these days, and while some are super expensive, I’ve found this one to be right in the middle. I love all the features is has. The Jet Stick comes in may versions, one for pet care, and amped up versions like the Jet Stick 90 for tougher areas. I love the digital read dial too. 

You also can make it small for hard to reach places, which is like getting a whole separate vacuum in one. I especially like the small version for the car or for my stair wells. I’ve recently used the brush attachment around the house for quick base board clean up too. 
The battery charge lasts about an hour depending on which setting you set it too. I have found this to be the perfect time slot to get my downstairs picked up. But the best part of this system, is the cleaning station, which I never knew existed. You simply place your basin into the bin and it automatically comes on and sucks out the dirt from the basin for you with a vacuuming type suction. Check out how it works below. 


No more shaking it over the trash to have dust fly all over the room. Hallelujah! This cleaning station, which I can set right by my vacuum, is a game changer.  Below are two great Jet Stick options. There is a couple  great deals right now on the Jet 70 cordless bundle and cleaning station, and until 6/22, if you buy the Jet 70, you get your choice of a spare battery or spinning sweeper brush for free ($129.99 value). 



I have found that Seventh Generation Products are my favorite. I love that they are an easy grab in most any grocery store, but still offer less chemicals then other products on the shelves. I use many of their products including laundry detergent, hand soap, dishwashing detergent and soap, antibacterial spray, and their general purpose and bathroom cleaners. What I love most about their products are their subtle smells and the idea that they aren’t using harsh chemicals. I’ve never had a bad experience with any of their products. Here are links to those 


Young Living Essential Oils
I have used YL Essential oils for 11 years. I use them in my everyday routine and have found great success with them. I diffuse them for scent instead of candles and have found they work great for health and cleaning. My go to oils are Lavender, Lemon, Thieves, and a few others like Grapefruit and Frankincense. I use Lavender for sleep, for immunity, and for cleaning. I use thieves for immunity and antibacterial uses in spray bottles while I clean, in my laundry, and even in my mops. I like to use Lemon for my DIY purposes and use it to remove paint and stain from my hands. Lemon is also a natural antibacterial agent and is great for cleaning purposes as well. I use my favorite scents in my laundry too. I drop a few drops of grapefruit on my wool dryer balls and use that as a replacement for dryer sheets. Essential oils are great to have around. 


Norwex Rags
If you haven’t heard of Norwex its a European based company that uses NO products to clean simply their rags that act as antibacterial rags and self clean themselves. I know it sounds bizarre but it works. I cannot clean without their everyday rag and their window rag. If those are the only two things you invest in trust me they work. The everyday rag picks up so much dirt and then self cleans itself once you ring it out and dry it. The window rag takes ZERO wind cleaner. You simply wet the window or mirror and wipe with the glass rag. Its a spotless clean! 


Nellies Mop

My everyday mop is the Nellie’s mop. It is a chargeable mop with washable pads. You fill it with pads and water and it vibrates and moves forward and backward for you as you push. It’s great for spills and messes and I use it weekly. 

Believe it or not, that wraps it up for my cleaning products. I’ve gotten it down to only using a few bottles of essential products under my sinks and and stick to my great mops and vacuums. With zero window cleaner and my Norwex rags to dust, I’m essential using a general purpose spray and my essential oils. That along with a few seventh generation items, and I’m the cleaning queen. Not a lot of harsh chemicals and even less clutter. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips and happy cleaning. 


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