Ep 61: Let’s Talk Anxiety

In today’s episode, I discuss tips to deal with crippling anxiety and how to approach it, especially when the people you love and support do not understand what you’re going through. Speaking from experience, I share what it was like to have a husband who did not comprehend the severity of my anxiety until he had to deal with it himself. After posting a quote in honor of Mental Health Awareness Day, I received an influx of DMs from followers and listeners sharing their experience with anxiety and mental health. I am here to say I hear you and I am here for you. 
  • Sometimes all you need is a sympathetic ear when dealing with anxiety (2:00)
  • Rachel shares her anxiety story, and how it all started with this feeling of not wanting to be alone. She talks about the physical implications of anxiety in her own body and how it feels to be anxious when you’re responsible for your own children (4:40)
  • Rachel explains why it’s not selfish of you to want to take care of yourself to be better for other people, she shares tip #1 when it comes to dealing with anxiety – write it down! (8:33)
  • Tip #2, do not delay and try and hide it. Seek counseling or professional help immediately to understand where your anxieties come from. Rachel explains her experience with counseling and her marriage (11:16)
  • Tip #3, get involved in stress relievers. Don’t know what they are? Take the time to figure out what helps you relieve yourself of stress. It’ll be a process of elimination but try everything you can to see what works and doesn’t work. Rachel explains the experience she went through trying to figure out the root cause of her anxieties her and the medical tests she tried
  •  Why you can’t just pray your anxiety “away.” Medicine has a purpose and can provide value to help you deal with anxiety. It is tricky but it takes time to figure out what works. Rachel shares her experience with medication and anxiety (20:15)
  • Rachel recaps the tips you should try to deal with your anxiety that has worked for her (24:27)

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