Episode 08: Balance, What’s That?



In this episode, I am talking all about balance and what that looks for me. I think the most difficult part of balance as a woman and a mom is including in our routine those “selfish” priorities that help us feel our best. I am showing you how I approach this in my day and scheduling hacks that help me get it all done. Is it perfect every day? No. The most important part is to start somewhere and this episode will give you tips on how to begin creating more balance in your own life.

  • The number one question I get asked all the time-“how do you balance it all?” [1:26]  
  • My answer and what I feel like is the hardest part of balancing as a mom and woman [2:30]  
  • Figure out what your top priorities are for the day and what your nonnegotiables are. I share what this looks like for me and what I make time for every day. [3:44]  
  • Treat your day like a workday (especially important for us stay at home moms) and create routines and a structure to start your day off like you would if you went into a job. [8:37]
  • Taking weekends off like a work week and the importance of giving yourself a break.  [12:08]
  • Separate your day into segments and build in breaks like you would at a 9-5 job. [12:35]
  • Sharing what my day looks like and how I segment my to do list by hour to accomplish my morning routine, homeschooling and work. [12:50]
  • Getting help and releasing the guilt of figuring out a way to get your priorities accomplished. [16:30]
  • My challenge for you to create a more intentional day that focuses on your most important priorities [19:06]

You can do this! You can create balance for yourself and for those around you if you take the time and put in some intention on the front end. Nothing in life will ever be perfectly balanced but you can create a system that helps you!   


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