Episode 1: Let’s Set The Stage

Welcome to the first episode of She Made Herself a Home podcast. This episode is a little bit of an intro to how I got here, why I am doing a podcast and what you can expect from me. Hearing someones voice lets you into their heart, and I want my listeners to take away what I have learned and apply it to yourself to discover more of who you were created to be. Here you will find intentional home tips, real talks/truths on relationships, marriage, parenting and more. So pop in those airpods and multitask mama or pull up a seat dear friend and enjoy a few moments to yourself as we navigate life’s ups and downs together. Let’s discover how to create a heart and home of intention. 

  • Becoming a mom and how my mom and the home I grew up in influenced my love for decor and decorating on a budget [2:03]
  • Building our first home and figuring out my own style for decorating [5:38]
  • Having my first baby, navigating depression and anxiety, and changing our home’s design and style into something I loved [8:12]
  • My start on Instagram sharing my passion for home decor and DIY and the origin of the name Crate and Cottage [9:40]
  • Topics for future podcasts that I want to share with you, including bringing on my husband Richard who brings a different perspective to my story [14:14]

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