Episode 14: What Women Want

In this week’s episode, I am sharing 10 general things that women want from the men in our lives. I think it can be beneficial to take an outward look into our relationships. Next week, you’ll hear from Richard who will discuss his viewpoint on what he wants , and then the third week we join forces and hash these expectations out together.   

  1. To feel protected:  Physically, emotionally and spiritually. As the head of the house, men are protecting the home in a spiritual way. I think that trickles down into our emotions and physically.   [6:46]
  1. To count on you: In general, I think women really want to know they can count on their spouse. You can leave the house and know the kids are going to be taken care and can release that mom guilt. [8:17] 
  1. To feel desired and needed: As much as we are tired sexually or in different “seasons” of sexuality (there are those) we do still want to be desired. We want to know we are still the ones you’re looking at. [10:26] 
  1. To be appreciated: Whether we work full time, whether we  are retired, whether we’re in the home homeschooling, we want to know that it is appreciated. It’s just a few words, but to know that we’re appreciated makes all the difference. [13:41]
  1. To feel known and seen: We want to be known. We want our spouses to recognize when something is wrong and want to know how we are feeling. I think women feel especially loved when they are known.  [14:29]
  1. To be informed: Keep us in the loop on things that are going on. We want to know if events are coming up or things we need to plan for. [18:46]  
  1. Moral integrity and a man they can respect: We want a man that is trustworthy and loyal and that we feel lives in integrity. [19:43]
  1. Kindness: We want to be treated with kindness in our interactions and communication. [21:19]
  1. Time: Having quality time together and making it a priority  [22:10]
  1. Affection: It can be easy to take for granted if you have an affectionate husband, but I know there are men in our lives that are not. In general, I think women want to be given affection. [23:56]


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