Episode 18: How to Make Money on Social Media

In today’s episode, I am pulling back the curtain and answering one of the most frequently asked questions I get…how I make money on Instagram. I am sharing all the details, including how I got started, how to find brands and campaigns to partner with, and what it truly takes to make an income through social media as an influencer.

  • When to start thinking about partnering with companies as your following grows and how sharing free products can help you build your portfolio for larger opportunities [2:23]
  • What companies look at more so than followers and why you should have a blog/website in addition to your social media accounts [4:29]
  • Featuring products on your social media that you use to earn affiliate income [7:12]
  • Using companies like Aspire IQ and Acorn once your following grows so potential brand partners and sponsorships can find you [14:15]
  • Working with companies on campaigns, how to set your rates, and taking into consideration the time commitment of a partnership when being compensated [19:30]
  • The behind-the-scenes of what goes into creating a brand campaign [25:53]

Influencer marketing agencies mentioned:

Aspire IQ: https://www.aspireiq.com/
Acorn: https://acorninfluence.com/
Activate: https://try.activate.social/
#paid: https://hashtagpaid.com/
Obvious.ly: https://www.obvious.ly/


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