Episode 20: Medication for Mental Health

In today’s episode, I am sharing my experience with anxiety throughout my life and opening up the discussion on mental health. I am talking about why I believe there should not be any shame around taking medication for anxiety and depression, and my journey to try more natural and holistic remedies.

  • Richard and I both deal with anxiety, you can hear each of our stories in Episode 10 and 11 where we share each of our unique journeys. 
  • Genetics and environment factor into mental health, as well as life events. It’s important to take note of those things in order to understand yourself, or a loved one. 
  • It took time to realize the anxiety stemmed from health concerns due to childhood experiences with unexpected losses. 
  • The love hate relationship with time; not enough, needing to work harder, so that more is accomplished in an effort to have all experiences in one small lifetime. 
  • Simple explanation of what SSRIs are (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and how they can help with anxiety.
  • How a doctor explained my body in a way that helped me break free from shame
  • After a few weeks on Lexapro, getting through the side effects, it was like a light went on and the nervous feelings, irritations and worries went away.
  • When going off a medication it’s critical to wean yourself slowly to help with side effects and make the transition smoother. 
  • The next part of my journey and researching natural remedies for anxiety. 

In the end, whether taking medication, natural supplements, or both, asking for help is important and there is no shame in your mental health journey.

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Medication for Mental Health



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