Episode 21: Motherhood Battle

In today’s episode, I am encouraging fellow mamas in the daily battle we face today as we juggle all the things. I share with you one of my mentors that guides me in my journey and brings me hope and perspective. Today I want you to know that your sacrifice is seen and known and making a difference.

  • Encouragement especially for the mamas out there during this season from a favorite author, Sally Clarkson. (1:27)
  • The devotion centered around mamas as the wonderful heroes because they take on this enormous task of subduing and civilizing your home. (2:08)
  • An open and honest account of life as a mother and choosing to not spiral into the negative thoughts and feelings in the face of all the demands. (4:25)
  • One habit that helps provide perspective is writing down the “why” of a decision or commitment. (8:23)
  • Part of enjoying the journey is to try and not fill your plate so much that you forget to see and hear what your family is asking. (9:20)
  • Remember, if it feels hard and difficult that’s because it is. Motherhood is a battle and we are armed and ready. The work we do in the mundane really does matter. (11:02)

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