Episode 24: 5 Ways to Cope With Fear

In today’s episode, I continue to open up about my journey with fear and anxiety by sharing 5 ways I’m coping that may help you where you are today. At the end I share a resource I have found helpful. Listen in and be encouraged to find ways to cope with your anxiety and fears.

  • In response to people reaching out about coping with anxiety, these are 5 different coping methods used to manage fear. (2:19)
  • First thing to do is intentionally turn off the noise, like IG, FB, all news channels, so that you can be present with those around you. (7:06)
  • Another way to cope with fear is to gain knowledge by writing down your thoughts then ask questions and learn from trusted sources. (8:25)
  • Only you can make health a priority: pay attention to sleep patterns, schedule the doctor appointment, move your body, and cut out the excess. (11:25)
  • Find someone who listens, like a counselor, and say the thoughts out loud so that someone who does it for a living can ask you good, insightful questions. (15:00)
  • Truly forgive yourself for things you’ve done in the past and let go of something so that you can embrace the person you were created to be. (16:18)
  • Encouragement from Dr. Weeks is to not run from your fear. Instead acknowledge it, live in it, and know what’s coming from it and you’re more likely to cope with it. (18:16)
  • Listen in to the 16 do’s and dont’s of coping with fear and anxiety. (18:57)

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Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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