Episode 25: 8 Thing People Desire Most

In today’s episode, I share a Forbes article by Kathy Caprino I read several years ago that continues to be relevant even today. In response to the eight most desired things, I share how I navigate those wants in my daily life. Today I want you to know that it is possible to rise up and change an area that rings true for you today. 

  • Happiness was the number one thing people desired most and unfortunately people  don’t know themselves well enough to identify what makes them happy. (4:17)
  • Take time to understand your money story and the habits around spending so that it’s possible to have the second most desired thing, money. (8:53)
  • Freedom requires following your own authentic values and beliefs, building strong boundaries, and forging your own path in life and work. (8:53)
  • In today’s chaotic world the only way to have peace is by committing to take time and build in daily practices to support that. (15:03)
  • Even if your personal and family life bring you joy, if what you’re doing in your day to day work doesn’t, you can’t help but feel joyous. (15:03)
  • If you’re searching for balance, then revisit your priorities because if you meet your priorities, you will feel more balanced. (19:03)
  • To live up to our highest potential, which leads to fulfillment, we have to leave our comfort zones behind. (19:03)
  • Confidence comes from acknowledging our own magnificence, not shying away from it and deciding to learn about the topics and ideas that interest us. (23:44)

Read the article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kathycaprino/2016/05/24/the-top-8-things-people-desperately-desire-but-cant-seem-to-attain/?sh=4853fec97086 


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Image source: Taylor Murphy on Unsplash

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