Episode 26: 6 Lessons of 2020

In this episode, I am giving a recap of the year and with a send off of love. I’m taking the month of December off for good reason to rest rejuvenate and to prepare for a big event in our life coming soon.

What 2020 has taught me:  

I am not in control. I can control my environment to the best of my ability but I cannot control the predestined outcome of anything in my life or those around me. It is not my fault to not have it all figured out.  

I needed a pause. I desperately needed the quarantine to stop me from obligations and duties. Did you feel that way? Here I was thinking I didn’t have many expectations from anyone or obligations HA but when they were gone I felt a sense of freedom. Almost the same feeling I got in high school on the last day of school before summer break. Nothing weighing me down nothing expected of me. The whole world was paused like me. I don’t think we will ever get that back. It made me reevaluate those obligations enjoy the pause and time stood still.  

I miss ordinary things. As much of an introvert as I am, I miss parties, and having groups of friends over without fear. I miss regular grocery runs without masks. I miss the simple idea that a stranger can hand me my change and I don’t have to immediately wonder what else they have touched and get out my hand sanitizer. I miss seeing crowd of people at a football game and the simple idea that hugs are a part of introductions too. I miss it. I miss the naiveness of human touch. The touch I took for granted. Will this ever go away? This feeling of not being ok in a crowd of people, of thinking only of germs instead of joy. I don’t know but I know I miss how I felt at John Mayer’s multiple concerts in 2019 crowded to the brim music loud and all. I miss it.  

My people are everything. 2020 has made me realize if all is stripped away the few key people in my life are all that matters. I hope this has made you realize who you need to be with to be whole. Who you miss. Who you can live without….I mean that in all seriousness too. Those who are toxic in your life or those who have caused you pain in the past. Maybe 2020 has taught you to recognize what relationships are most important to you. Which ones are life giving and deafening. That’s something to think about. Love your people. Tell them no matter what.   

MY HOME IS SAFE.  I don’t know about you but Lowes and Home Depot’s stock sure skyrocketed in 2020. I think people being forced in their homes forced to look at their environments gave a whole lot of people the DIY redo things bug. It did to me too and I do this for a living. 2020 has made me and so many of you I know realize that where we live matters. You know how important the HOME is to me, I wrote a book about it for goodness sake. The home gives us the control the safety the security we need when the entire world is chaotic and 2020 has definitely shown us the value in home. I cherish it more than every now.  

Be Still. Through my mental health battle these past 5 months I have really realized that I need to be still more. Recently on Instagram I released myself from the grind and obligations of the day-to-day posts. It still bothers me that I’m not on top of my game and I’m somehow getting behind so many of these women that rock it but I needed to pause. Gather myself, categorize whats most important, and let go of somethings. I stopped taking collaborations, which if you are new means I stopped taking jobs from companies that were paying me. I stopped putting the pressure on myself to show up and post once a day. I took 15 days off completely and have only slightly reentered the social media realm. I’ve realized that its not so important after all. The community, you guys, are what’s important but pushing myself to be more constantly was only making me less. Less of a mom a wife and I needed to be still. 2020 has taught me that. What will 2021 look like? I am not sure. My people and my home first and then the worldly “success” and social world last. Be still and Know that he is God. I really felt the call for that this year.  

I know 2020 has taught you something too. Ask yourself what that is. We all have to collectively find the good in this year. There are always positive outcomes even in negativity and I believe we have to focus on that. 

I’m praying you can take some time to reflect truly on what you want next year to look like and what this year of ups and downs has taught you. Thank you as always for supporting me and my family and this business. I’m praying you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See y’all in 2021!!  

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