Episode 3: Meet My Husband, Rich! Aka My Co-host … Sometimes


Today, my husband, Rich, is the featured guest on the podcast. This episode is all about our marriage, how we met, how we run a business together and give you an introduction to who we are. Richard and I will begin hosting marriage chats once a month. We will talk about vulnerable things, topics from a guy’s perspective and my perspective, topics we agree/disagree on and all things marriage. 




In this episode we are going to share:

  • How we met and our first date [2:44]
  • Dating, break ups and some fun facts about Rich [6:24]
  • What attracted Rich to me [9:05]
  • Why I was attracted to Rich and how opposites do indeed attract [10:58]
  • Graduating college, getting married, and building our first home [12:04]
  • Our journey into DIY and our viewpoint on money, savings and  [13:55]
  • How we got to where we, the financial decisions we made to keep our cost of living low and save money [16:30]
  • How Richard got started in real estate and started the self-made business we have today [19:14]
  • Completing our first Air B&B vacation rental and how we work together to build and design homes [23:03]
  • What our day to day looks like- homeschooling, how we work together and what to expect from our future episodes together [24:09]

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