Episode 30: Overcoming Burnout

In today’s episode, I talk about how to overcome burnout. We are in the newborn phase again, after several years out of it, and life works differently. I’m sharing 8 different tips to help limit burnout and allow yourself to reconnect with the life you are living today. There is always a solution to any problem and today I share my insecurities and burnout to encourage you to make positive changes in your home. 

  • If I can accomplish something I feel good about myself but with a newborn life moves slower and lack of sleep impacts everything, which led me to burnout. (2:00)
  • There are adjustments I’m making to juggle my business, growing family, and responsibilities that require me to change what I was doing before. (4:09)
  • Whether it is with work, daily routine, or even kids, my number one tip for burnout is to walk away and get a change of scenery for a little while. (8:39)
  • Tip number two for burnout is do something meaningful, get outside of yourself and do something for someone else that is not part of your family. (12:43)
  • Another way to reduce burnout is to lower your expectations and reduce the amount of pressure you’re putting on yourself each day. (14:40)
  • Change your pace or routine, sometimes we need to reroute things in order to not feel burnout. (15:50)

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Image Source: Isabella and Louisa Fischer on Unsplash

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