Episode 44: Inside a Man’s Heart

In today’s episode Richard takes over the podcast and shares his struggles as a man. His main priority is to be a godly husband and father to Rachel and the kids. Unfortunately there are things that pull at his attention but it’s not possible to be perfect. So instead of trying to be, he surrenders them to God to help keep his eyes on Him. 

  • One of the biggest things for me that has always been there is rooted in faith, being a godly father and husband. (2:50)
  • Being a godly father is a matter of getting your priorities straight and keeping your family first. (6:32)
  • A godly man lifts his wife up to God daily and asks for God to watch over her, take care of her, protect her mind, protect her heart, and everything about her. (9:12)
  • Richard’s perspective and insights on Rachel’s intimacy guilt and how he sees romance in their marriage today. (13:07)
  • As an extrovert, Richard really enjoys getting out of the house and spending time alone or with friends, especially on his boat. (15:30)

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Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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