Episode 60: Dream BIG

In today’s episode, I talk about an incredible book about achieving your goals.  This week, I share excerpts from Mark Patterson’s book “Circle Maker” – A Christian perspective book about how to achieve your goals. Goals are important for us as humans, and I share 10 steps you can take to make your dreams and goals come true. Be specific, include others, and remember to celebrate along the way.
  • Rachel talks about the “Circle Maker” a Christian perspective book by Mark Patterson about how to achieve goals, and how to do so through prayer. What do your goals look like? According to the author, they should be unique to you and reflect your values and principles. Rachel shares what her goals are, how she’s pivoted despite some challenges, and how that has informed how she makes goals in the future (1:24)
  • Rachel explains how she has helped her husband grow their real estate business and how she is always expanding her goals and trying something new.  It’s important to just simply try even if you think it might fail. Take initiative, do your research, and put on your go get em’ boot (5:25)
  • 10 steps you can implement to start achieving your goals according to author Mark Patterson. Step #1 – Start with prayer
  • Step #2 – Check your motives, take an honest look and make sure you are doing them for the right reasons (9:59)
  • Step #3 – Think in categories, for example, family, influence, physical changes, travel etc (11:52)
  • Step #4 – Be specific about your goals! (12:43)
  • Step #5 – Write it down! The shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory. There is power in writing it down! (14:25)
  • Step #6 – Include others. When you achieve goals with the purpose of doing it with or for the people you love it makes the experience more joyful (18:30)
  • Step #7 –  Celebrate along the way! Rachel explains how this is one step she overlooks. It’s important to celebrate your wins with the same intensity you pray no matter how big or small! (19:26)
  • Step #8 – Dream big! Big goals turn you into big people (20:15)
  • Step #9 –  Think long. Mark Patterson says most of us overestimate what we can accomplish in two years but we underestimate what we can accomplish in 10 years. (21:28)
  • Step #10 – Pray hard. God-ordained goals are conceived in the context of prayer and prayer is what brings them in full circle. Trust in the process! (22:46)



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