Outdoor Refresh-Week 5

Here we are the week before the big reveal. I’m so excited to finally share with you guys the firepit in all its glory. The One Room Challenge not only links bloggers together but also creates the beginning and end to a project for you. There is nothing quite like a deadline to kick yourself into gear and space yourself out accordingly. I’d encourage you all to give it a go during the next round in the fall.


This week I wanted to share the whiskey barrels, filled with fresh flowers, and the hanging lights we added above the firepit.


After grounding the 4×4 in cement, we drilled holes at the base of the cement through the barrel for drainage purposes for the flowers. We then added potting soil. I knew I wanted a tall grass in the middle to give some height and also picked flowers that I knew could take the heat of the sun all day. I went with geraniums and some petunias. Adding the florals made such a difference.

Next we added the hanging outdoor lights to the 4×4 posts using simple hooks. We picked these outdoor lights from Harbor Freight. Such a great deal for 25′ heavy duty lighting.

And here is the final image and update for the week.



For the big reveal we will add chairs and pillows and stage this area to perfection. We may even light a fire for ambiance. I hope you stay tuned for next weeks finale.


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