How to update your kitchen for $50

I’ve been falling in love with the old world European farmhouse style for some time. I love new modern design, but have always had a hankering for antiques too. I’ve recently tried to update my home making it more cozy by channeling that European design, and I love it! Let me share with you how we updated our kitchen for under $50!

I have always wanted something under our open shelves in the kitchen and have always loved the idea of a hanging pot rack. Here is some inspiration below.

Devol Kitchens

I told my husband that I found what I wanted from a company, a 9 foot metal wall bracket that has hooks for pots. The price tag was $300 dollars. We brainstormed and came up with a great idea. One 10 foot plumbing pipe later from Lowe’s a few brackets and hooks and a little RubN Buff we had the same thing for under $50.

iron pipe

First purchase your metal piping from Lowe’s. I’ve linked one here. You can get copper or black and it comes in many lengths and widths. Then also purchase some ends caps like you see below. All of this is found in the plumbing section. 

Next you will need the mounting hardware. I’m linking a picture of the Cooper brackets we used for mounting. Our backsplash is wood shiplap, so take that into consideration if you have tile or drywall you may need different anchors.

We then measured our wall and marked the places we wanted the brackets to go. We placed them in the wall and then attached the pipe to them. Easy as can be.


mounted bar

One the bar was mounted. I turned it the color I wanted to match my kitchen. If you haven’t heard of Rub N’ Buff, you need to look it up. I think it’s my new best friend, and I recently even used it to change the color of the chandeliers in our living room. What it does is apply this thin layer of permanent color to just about anything you wish to transform. I changed the rod from silver to the color gold leaf. Rub N’ Buff comes in many colors.  This stuff is pure magic and changes and surface. It’s also under $7 and I’ll link below. I simply squirted a little on my glove and applied that way. 

rub n buff

We then let it dry and did the same thing to the “s” hooks you can get at Lowe’s. Standard hooks in hardware and within 15 min it was dry, and I could decorate.


What an easy DIY for under $50 and it sure completed my kitchen and gives it the old world European change I was after. I can’t wait to hang dried herbs in the summer and other collected pots too. I can’t believe I was going to pay $300 dollars for something that looks almost identical. Think out side of the box my friends! 

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