How to Display Family Photos

How to Display Family Photos? 

Many of us do not know how to display family photos. We don’t understand how to fill a large blank wall with art. I have a solution for you. I’ve always loved family photos, and we have always had them taken, once a year if not twice, since the boys were born. I have not always known how to display them. Because I was never sure just how to do that without it looking cluttered, I held off. UNTIL NOW. . . 

Picture Ledges

I love the look of picture ledges. Maybe they are a newer trend within the past 5 years but they have opened up such a new design look for photos and art of all kind.  I love the modern clean look a picture ledge gives and it can totally transform a blank wall. I have used pictures ledges in a few homes now, and we also have them in Richard’s office.



My favorites are the Ikea Mosslanda Picture Ledges seen below. They also comes in black. For this particular room, our playroom,  I went with three of these shelves for the area above our couch which sits against a large blank wall. Don’t be intimidated to hang them either. They only take three screws. All you need is a level, a drill or screwdriver, and some drywall anchors. 

I also ordered my frames from IKEA and will share them below. I especially love the light wood options. You will have to decide on the amount of frames you want and may be able to base that off width of frames and or the prints you want to display. I wanted to have them stacked and went with eleven frames. You can always add and take away. Make sure you are getting varying height and sizes as well. All of these frames come in different sizes. Again, it all depends on how many ledges you are working with. 

Product Links

Here are the frames I went with. Click on the photo for the links. 


Where to Print your photos?

 Here are my go to sites for printing photos.  For High Quality Prints at an Affordable Price Walmart prints poster sizes, but make sure your location does. 


Ready for the final results. First let me say I have to play around with how I style my prints. I have to see how the photos look height wise on the shelf. My most important tip is to make sure your eyes bounce up and down from one high to another low. Vary the heights. It will keep your eye going along the line. Obviously, if all of your frames are the same size this will be different. 




It turned out just like I imagined. I love seeing my babies and letting them see the love and life we have created. I hope you guys enjoyed this and create a family wall yourself. 



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