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The home trend series we would like to start off with BOUCLÉ. The focus of today is bouclé: a curly, cotton balls fabric that has emerged suddenly everywhere. Don’t be misled by this cozy soft texture—always it’s light enough in summer to feel fantastic! It’s considerably better forgiving than a white cloth for upholstered parts. We really like the added depth that this luxurious texture provides to a place, and luckily there are many various ways to get the effect home from a handful of pillows to a whole bed.

What is BOUCLÉ?

BOUCLÉ fabric, from the French for ‘curled,’ is in famed in 2021, maybe to respond to our communal yearning for softness and texture. In any case, the textured fabric that is normally wool is now widespread, from seats to embellishments. Moreover, it is excellent to match the curved shapes and sizzling wood of mid-six years, combining heated stories of 2021 interior – Italian Modernism.

Boucle Both a looped yarn and the finished cloth from this yarn is referred to as “bouclé.” The yarn is made from a width of loops of a size similar to that of small circles and sizeable ringlets. To create a bouclé, the friction of at least two threads is much looser than the other, as it folds, likely to result in the loosely formation clump (“effect yarn” known as the effect yarn), with the other clump acting as the anchor.

A ‘natural luxurious’ approach is large and combines earthy, textural materials like wool, crude textiles (the loop will be enormous) and metallic stone with velvet and contemporary lines. Think buffed gold, handshake gold, fur and horn, marble and agate. It’s all comfortable but nonetheless luxe.

How to incorporate BOUCLÉ in Interiors?

Boucle is often utilized for upholstery and throws in interior design. The fashion industry where silky fabric is used to produce textured shirts, bouclé wool panels, clothing and other items, Bouclé also is famous. Medium-size boucle material is very polyvalent and has a wide array of home decoration applications.

Soft seats: the soft Bouclé fabric for sofas and chairs may be upholstered. The silky fabric particularly matches the curved edges of furniture, as the gentle curves compliment the soft fabric.

Drapes: Live up your boucle design window coverings. The weight of the material will screen window light and provide to your space a powerful vertical line of texture and tenderness.

Throws / Blanket: Throwing bouclé pillows and blankets may give a soft covering to beds and sofas.

If we all had ever had a year to accomplish that, it’s it. Eventually. Even if you’re looking for a statement or a simple upgrade node to this season’s cozy, new style, here are 20 items to add to your house.

  1. Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sofa | Middle Module – Eternity Modern

You may freely and independently employ the sectional components of Camaleonda couch. Rings and carabiners are supplied on the back and armrests, which allows the user to construct an ideal “sitting environment.” The sofa is incredibly comfy and the modularity of this beautiful item offers limitless adaptable possibilities for any project or living space.

  1. Diego Sofa- Lulu & Georgia

This Diego Sofa is distinguished by a sumptuously curve and architectural style which transforms your esthetics quickly. The frame of the frame is wrapped in a textured fabric and has an acacia plinth foundation with warm finish. We adore that this sofa couch slips into a luxurious lounge before tapering for dramatic effects.


  1. Tate Bench, Boucle Cream- Lulu & Georgia

Plush, comfortable boucle fabric wraps around the sleek wooden frame on our Tate Bench to create a luxurious addition for your home. The fabric’s cream hue is a subtle, welcoming neutral that lets this bench easily transition from your bedroom to the living area to the hallway.


  1. Stature Ivory Chair  – CB2

Ivory boucle chair by Caleb Zipperer brings leisure to the table. Architectural in profile and soft all around, seat rests deep with a rounded back for added comfort. Wait for a while for the visitors. On our blog below, find out more about Boucle. Exclusive for CB2. Ivory Chair Stature. 24.75″Wx20.75″Dx26.75″H dimensions. Polyester mixing loop with polyester foam in ivory wood frame. Don’t leave unattended spills. clean with spot-cleaning solvent using gentle, water-free solvents exclusively.

  1. Snow Bouclé Upholstered Custom Hexagonal Ottoman – The Inside Furniture

This perfect Hexagonal Ottoman works as a single accent or grouped together to create a modular coffee table and extra seating. You can adorn in it your living room or formal lounge.

  1. Snow Bouclé Upholstered Custom Cocktail Chair – The Inside Furniture


This elegant arm chair is reminiscent of mid-century cocktail furnishings when entertaining was every day. Pair it in your master bedroom near window to make a statement.

  1. Snoozer ottoman with storage- Crate & Barrel

Store in this storage Ottoman created by Leanne Ford treasured toys and favorite blankets. The flexible item with exaggerated deep channels gives an additional sitting area and a place to rest your tired feet. The cream ottoman is reinforced in a family-friendly and delightfully clumpy bunch. The snoozer cream storage Ottoman is paired with the complementing glider to provide a cozy place to read, feed and rock to sleep.

  1. Split Armchair Emmanuelle Simon -The Invisible Collection


The split  Armchair is an exclusive formal collection for formal areas. The welcoming curved backrest precisely matches the body and makes this chair a highly convenient sitting position. The slender, sleek, wooden legs inspire styling throughout the century, giving to your space a touch of elegance and modern beauty. Premium boucle polishing improves the comfy chair that makes it suitable for every dining room, bedroom or contemporary workshop.


  1. Catalina Boucle Bolster Pillow – The Citizenry

Texture. Neutral to soothe. Unforeseen form. This pillow is really astonishing. This wool blend pillows. It is the last touch of a bedroom or a sofa that brings warmth and comfort in the packs. Well, as for the feel, the softest loop that we have ever felt is hands down – great for a bedroom or a cabin. Handwoven by expert weavers, every cushion takes days to finish in a peaceful mountain town in the Peruvian Andes. All manufactured in a fair business environment entirely. It already looks like a cushion.


  1. Boucle Throw Pillow with exposed zipper- Target

Add elegant and comfy elegance to your indoor relaxing with this Boucle Throw Pillow with Exposed Zipper from Threshold™ created with Studio McGee. This square throw pillow with a boucle pattern gives a warm and comfortable touch to your sitting and contains a plump cushion inside for lounging comfort and support.

  1. Boucle Chair – Target

Smoothly textured loop fabric upholstered. The legs are made of Ashwood. Included with the removable pillow. Can be manually built and upholstered. Its Grand Gold Gallows CERTIFIED: The Sleepy time has been tested to fulfill some of the world’s most demanding chemical emissions criteria for over 10,000 chemical emissions and VOCs and subject to rigorous scientific testing. It helps to clean indoor air to make your baby sleep, spend time playing and grow in a safer environment. Clean it with solvents, foam, or cleansers made from cotton.


  1. Boucle Large Ottoman – High Camp Home

This huge circular Ottoman with a contrasting hardwood base is an ottoman or cafe table, providing an atmosphere of comfort. Two color tones are available. Best item for living or family room.

  1. Boucle Ivory Pouf  – CB2

The loop pouf is composed of recycled yarn weaved in Indian, using up to five hours of skill. Every item will be unique, with a texture that reflects our favorite loops. The only CB2 exclusive item its the one we love from CB2. Made from 100% polyester cover. Inside shell: 100% polyester, it also has100% polystyrene beads Filling. Only spot-clean.


  1. Bacio Cream Boucle Sofa – CB2

In the lounge able couch created by Ross Cassidy, Boucle adopts cream-colored shades. Shape bubble with strong bleached oak circular legs and an excessive profile designed to spread. The only CB2 exclusive furniture item. Its on the pricy side but we love the texture and shape.



  1. Solene Platform Bed, Boucle Cream – Lulu & Georgia

With its slightly curved figure and beautifully textured upholstery, this Solene Bed produces a great amount of aesthetic impact. Wrapped in a creamy boucle fabric and completed with legs of oak wood, the moderate headboard height of this bedside framework will make your room look large. Crisp white bedding and subtle tone accessories round out its appearance.


  1. Pacific Bed – Ivory Wool Boucle – Jenni Kayne


Made in Los Angeles by famous designer Jenni. Handmade. Its so easy to put together and adore even easier. This classic bed, made with purpose and care, is made of Belgian sustainable linen. Jenni Kayne Furniture inspires everyday life, which is constructed to last forever and with integrity, quality and contemporary design in mind.



  1. Modern, Mid Century & Scandinavian Furniture – Article


This Curve shape sofa is goals . The Kayra Sofa Plush is a Scandinavian item that is the focus of attention more than comfy. Set of rear and seat covers are packed with foam. Its Reinforced in soft loop fabric. Use Tissue – Clean spot with mild detergent. For severe soiling, professional cleaning suggested. I like the shape of this sofa in particular.

  1. Juno Ivory Boucle Handwoven Rug – CB2

The handmade luxury wool rug is made of ivory wool with the rough pile that reminds us of the loop. Soft and plump, the rug is ideal for a bedroom with a lovely color variety. For high-traffic regions not advised because to varying pile heights. The best thing is they give you sample to see how it would look in your home. Get 12″x12″ samples of rough rugs are available for a charge refunded when the sample is returned.


  1. Peg Upholstered Bar Stool – CB2

Mermelada Estudio draws backless stools into the counter. Function and elegance. The sculpture with a traditional circle of resting feet has four matte black legs. Loop upholstery layer over a black foundation to give the seat more dimensions. Multiples priced appropriately. Learn more about our blog about Mermelada Estudio. The only item i found for kitchen in Boucle. Enjoy!



  1. Alpaca throw- RH

Delicate as a cloud, light as the Andean wool, luxury alpaca, Mulberry silk. This throw is magic. Master craftsmen in the Peruvian mountains spin rich yarn and wave them with abundant warmth and air in a delicious bouclé. A perfect fit for cozy movie nights or midday nap.


Give your house an overhaul with the design trend BOUCLE, this lovely cozy trendy items will be the perfect addition to your home. Styled with other accessories will make it even more elegant!  If you want to know more about our blog posts series on designer dupes. Check it out here!

Do check them out, whether you just choose one or mix and match! Do let me know in comments which one is your favorite. 

Happy Decorating!




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