Interior design classic fluting is having a revival in contemporary home décor in 2021. As well as adding texture to a room, it pays homage to Art Deco elegance. It’s a design you’ve probably seen a lot in architecture like fluted walls, exteriors, but it’s now making its way into our homes, from kitchen cabinets to vanity units to shower doors to sinks to lighting fixtures.As far as architecture is concerned, fluting is a very ancient method. Fluted surfaces are those that have been cut into a series of shallow grooves to create a beautiful play of light. As a result, columns would appear rounder, slimmer, and more beautiful. 

This material is utilized in interior design for the same reasons today, and that’s the very reason it’s in my Home trends series and it may also be used in designing schemes that are generally minimalist in nature.

A feeling of elegance and familiarity throughout the design. It has charisma, personality and a deliciously wholesome vibe to it. The addition of texture and interest is an easy approach to add a bit more interest in these days of bolder interior décor and less minimalism.” So let’s take it away with the list I have for you.

1. Fluted wall scone cb2

The first one in the list is wall scone. A modern take on the art deco aesthetic There are two elegantly styled lights with pleated brass shades on either side of the bed. In addition to bathrooms and entryways, it also looks great. 

  • Fluted gold wall sconces are a popular choice. 5″Wx7″Dx24″H\sBrass 
  • 9W CFL or a maximum of 40W incandescent (not included) 
  • UL-listed … 
  • Clean with a damp cloth 
  • Designed in India



2. Mirror cb2

Mirrors are my most favourite accessory which is not only decorative but functional as well. As light is transmitted and reflected by the rippled glass, the mirror appears to be floating. To the wall it adds dimensionality, architectural intrigue, and perhaps a hint of Art Deco. CB2 is the only retailer. 

  • Mirror with rounded edges. 
  • Reflective glass, fluted glass, etc. 
  • A method for attaching cleats in French 
  • Hardware for mounting is supplied. 
  • Hang horizontally or vertically
  • Use fasteners that are appropriate for the walls of your home. 
  • Wipe down the surface with a gentle cloth 
  • Designed in India


3. Credenza

White makes a powerful design statement. From the minds of Barcelona-based designers comes this stunning credenza. As you move from top to bottom, the fluted detailing on Mermelada Estudio becomes larger. Doors are made easier to open by the top cutout, while shallow adjustable shelves provide internal storage options. In the rear, there are cutouts for cord management. Visit the website blog to find out more about Mermelada Estudio’s work. This credenza has an effortless design which is best for this season.

  • Credenza in Truffle White finish. 59.5″Wx16.5″Dx29″H 
  • Mermelada Estudio was responsible for the design. 
  • Hi-gloss lacquer on engineered wood 
  • The cabinet has two pull-out doors and adjustable shelves. 
  • Cord management cutouts on the back 
  • Up to 50 lbs. of weight capacity. Distributed in a uniform manner 
  • The product is manufactured in Vietnam.


4. Side table

What makes it so special? The colour, design, shape basically everything.  Earthenware is used to create this piece, which is handcrafted. Adding textured elements to your area will give it depth and character. 

  • Ideal for beverages or books. 
  • It’s tiny in size, so it’s easy to store. 
  • Semi-matte glaze on earthenware. 
  • Sculpted by hand and fired in kilns. 
  • Handcrafted products you purchase help preserve craft traditions across the world. 
  • It may be used indoors and outdoors. 
  • This contract-grade item is designed to satisfy the needs of both home and commercial users. Continue reading for more information. 
  • This product was manufactured in Vietnam.



5. Planters

Planters are my most treasured accessories this season. These Planters the colour, style makes it a perfect addition to any space. These Fluted Planters are made from durable earthenware and are a stylish way to display your favourite herbs or houseplants. With many sizes and an indoor/outdoor design, they’re a must-have for all plant lovers! 

  • Earthenware. 
  • It may be used indoors or outdoors. 
  • Drainage holes are not included in this model. 
  • Sold as a single item. 
  • This product was manufactured in Vietnam.



6. Fluted column:

In addition to its distinctive fluted base, this mahogany side table features a round top. Assemble a tablescape by adding a light, bead, vase, or books. You can also use it as a table for sofa as end tables or just a corner item to make the boring corner a special styles space.

  • Material:Mahogany 
  • Finished in Pale Brown With Light Brown Trim 
  • Measurements (inches): 32″W x 32″D x 22.” 
  • the weight is 46 pounds, so that’s a lot but the shape and colour made it in our list




7. Fluted glass pendent

This fluted pendant light has caught my attention with the beautiful finish. As a result I added in the series because this pendant’s fluted-glass shade adds charm and warmth to any area. 

  • Antique Bronze or Polished Nickel finish on iron rod socket. 
  • Designed with movable rods that can be adjusted to match most ceiling heights 
  • Imported.


8. Tables:


In the past year, I’ve been in love with this kind of tables. Almost everyone who I know compliment this kind of table. With their dripping popsicles & messy snacks, I am worried that my kids would stain the white table, yet it still looks like a great investment for a very active summer!  I think it’s a very nice table! 

These accent tables are called Ensoleille Tables are made from crushed stone and have contemporary lines that give them the impression of an abstract sun. A variety of outdoor settings will benefit from these tables’ clean lines and modest look. 



9. Rug


The best fluted textured tufted rug. Wool transitional rug that has been hand-tufted. All measurements are approximate; we recommend using a rug pad. There is a natural shedding process that occurs with rugs. Over time, frequent cleaning will reduce the amount of hair that falls out. Most hand-knotted and flatweave rugs shed less than hand-tufted or deep pile rugs, although all rugs tend to shed more in high traffic areas than in low activity areas. In order to prolong the life of your rug, we recommend using a rug pad. This will assist to reduce wear and tear and avoid fiber damage. As well as stabilizing the rug, a pad helps prevent it from slipping on hard flooring.

This rug has a wonderful texture because to the use of high and low pile wool in alternation. A continuous tessellated pattern is created by the arches, giving the illusion of infinity. Simple in nature, the impact is graphic in appearance. 

  • Wool transitional rug that has been hand-tufted. 
  • All measurements are approximate; we recommend using a rug pad. 

Important: Rugs (particularly wool rugs) shed naturally. As a result of frequent vacuuming, the amount of hair that falls out will gradually decrease over time. Most hand-knotted and flatweave rugs shed less than their pile-heavy counterparts, although they all do so more in high-traffic areas than in low-traffic ones.


10. Dresser

Natural textures will be brought into your home with this six-drawer chest of drawers. Storage is provided by six soft-closing drawers with strong architectural lines. In addition, the tabletop’s flat surface provides plenty of area for ornamental elements such as mirrors. This gold-finished dresser is made from excellent MDF and stainless steel. 

  • This product is made of MDF and Stainless Steel and Gold plating 
  • Size: 47.2″W x 13.8″D x 29.5″H, overall (1200mmW x 350mmD x 750mmH) 
  • There are six drawers in this unit 
  • Assemblage Not Required

11. Mirror


Wooden frame and fluted glass embellishments. Mirror and wall art combine in this circular mirror. It has a three-dimensional appearance because to its fluted glass half with rippling patterns.

  • Wooden frame and fluted glass embellishments. Dimensions: 30″diameter x 1.6″depth. 
  • Mirrored glass is used in many products. 
  • A variety of mounting options are available. 
  • Imported.


12. Glassware

What makes it so special? The glassware is absolute favourite of mine. The cooler and lines are amazing. Best for summer parties or just lunch decor.

  • Aaron Probyn, a designer, created it just for us. 
  • For its durability and elegant appearance, acrylic is a popular material. 
  • Great for the whole family, sets are available. 
  • Aaron Probyn created this design just for this project. – Learn more about this topic. 
  • Acrylic that has been fluttered. 
  • Available as a single item, or in sets of 4 or 16. 
  • China is the country of origin. 
  • Fill with cold drinks only. Handwashing is the only way to clean this item. Microwaves are not recommended.

I do hope you like this weeks episode from Home trends series in Interior.In any case, this trend is equally stunning! We adore the matte white finish, which gives each item a classic, statuesque appearance.. The fluted trend is ubiquitous, from lights to accessories to furniture. Aren’t you amazed that a style as old as a Roman column can seem so contemporary and chic? What have you done to bring the look home with you thus far? 

Do let me know in comments which item you like most.

Happy Decorating!
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