Mix Metals are one of the most popular materials used by design professionals all over the world because of its aesthetic appeal. This list of interior design trends for 2021 incorporating copper metal should give you plenty of ideas. 

This collection of inspirations includes sculptural copper doors for entrances as well as copper wall décor in bedrooms. Now let’s take a closer look at each of the design trends that will be making their way into luxury houses in the next year. Although there are many methods to incorporate copper into an interior design, a copper metal skin wrapped wall is a real show grabber. Featured in the image above is a living area with a copper-clad wall and an inset fireplace.

In the fall, warm metals are making a major revival, from Apple watches to metallic glass and kitchen hardware. Metals with a warm tone are typically associated with love, and they provide a nice contrast to the neutral grey palette that is so fashionable right now. Your next project will shine with the addition of a little radiance!

Simply because gold is expected to be popular next year, doesn’t mean you have to give up all other metallic finishes in your home just because gold is popular. We all need a transitional trend, and mixing metals is one. Consider adding a touch of gold or copper to your silver colors to give them a richer look. 

You may now combine gold and silver and have a good time. The combination of the two metals, the two colors, is becoming increasingly popular, and people seem to be liking it. Ultimately, when it comes to combining metals, it doesn’t matter what’s popular; what counts is that you enjoy it.

Using metal in the interior is not only functional, but it is also a chic choice. It used to be used mostly in bathrooms and kitchens, but now it’s everywhere. Among the designers, warm metals such as brass, bronze, and copper are still in high demand. Tables and coffee tables will look great surrounded by velvet furniture and dark brown wood. Every type black metal coating is getting increasingly popular. This hue has a sculptural quality to it that makes it a wonderful choice for any interior.


What happened to declaring oneself a gold or silver person back then? when a room’s metallic choice was set in stone? It was imperative that every single piece of hardware, fixture, and frame matched exactly, lest a conflict occur. More and more interior designers are demonstrating that mixed metallics can be just as attractive as gold and silver. 

Tones such as silver, nickel and steel lend themselves to a sleek, modern look while warmer tones like gold, rose gold, bronze and brass evoke an inviting, attractive and gently glamorous feeling on the skin. Modern with a touch of glamour, minimalism with an appealing appeal, and rawness polished – a combination of the two creates a distinctive style.

First and foremost, keep in mind that metallics aren’t limited to metals. Artwork, églomisé glass, drapes, wall coverings and (particularly) furniture may all be found in metallic tones. To limit oneself to matching cold tones is practically a sin in today’s world of silver grey materials. Think of pairing silver upholstery with a golden-framed console or coffee table, like the one seen in this Greg Natale project. If you have a space with gold accents, add bronze-hued pillows to the decor.

1. Metal table:

As a console table or an accent table, this flexible table is the ideal size. You may use this piece in a classic living room or entryway because of its somewhat tarnished bronze finish Sleek X-shaped legs and a slim construction give the table a sophisticated look. The recessed, tray-like top is a nice touch, as is the slanted base. 


  • Assembling the metal structure is required 
  • Decorative supports for the legs 
  • 31.5L x 20W x 27H in. should be cleaned with a dry cloth.

2. Metal storage Basket



It’s not dull to organize when you’ve got beautiful storage baskets to fill up. These storage baskets may be used to hold shoes, books, blankets, and more. It is equipped with wheels, making it easy to move about your home. With a dry towel, wipe the surface clean. It’s a pair of two nested baskets that may be rolled around for storage. With an industrial concept, this website was designed.

  • They have a distinctive industrial style that will make your area stand out. 
  • With a 100 percent metal frame, this industrial tall oval basket has a black metal finish with a whitewashed look. It has four wheels in place of supports. 
  • This set has dimensions of 25″L x 16″W x 25″H and 22″L x 14″W x 22″H, respectively 
  • With a dry towel, wipe the surface clean.

3. Metal Wall Decor



Give your contemporary living area a refined glamour 

  • It’s made of solid iron sheets. 
  • With a shiny gold finish and black distressing, this 3-piece set of circular metal wall décor looks stunning. 
  • It comes with a set of three metal round wall decors. gold bowls with black distressing 
  • Size-wise, the largest piece has a diameter of 23″; the medium-sized piece has a diameter of 19″. The entire set weighs 5.94 lbs. 
  • Metal sheets are hammered thin and fashioned into bowl-shaped structures to create these circular abstract wall decorations. 

Featuring a gold exterior with a black distressed design, this spherical wall décor set is sure to make an impression.

4.  Metal Accent Table:


The gridded wire basket on the accent table gives it a rustic feel. Items are kept safe with the sturdy top. The legs have a modified hairpin leg shape that gives them a sleek appearance. As a result, this table may be used in both modern and more classic décor schemes. For an affordable price, this sturdy table adds flair to your house; This table is perfect for your home. There are numerous areas in your house where this side or end table may be used; On-trend cage-base center storage cube shelf with amply proportioned cubes is perfect for storing books.

A stunningly basic table that is tiny enough to fit in small places; Add some flair to your décor with this flexible accent table that fits neatly into tiny areas or can be used as a side table in any room; On the tabletop, beloved photographs, plants, lamps and other decorative objects can be displayed, or a cup of coffee or tea can be placed down. If you have an apartment or condo, a dorm room or a cabin, this beautiful table would be a great addition.  Constructed with quality in mind. Rust-resistant steel construction: Simple instructions and all hardware are provided; Easy to take care of wiping it down with a moist towel

5. Metal Basket Table


Table top is 16.54″ wide, with a wire metal basket 6.30″ deep. You can simply open the table board to put your daily needs within, which will keep your area clean and organised. 

The antique round side table with classic appearance and simple construction gives an attractive look and feel, and fits well with your own style and home décor. In the bedroom, living room, or study it may be used as a couch table, nightstand, corner table, etc. 

Particle board of high quality with a vintage wooden look, Rustic Natural Finish, creates a warm, but stylish home atmosphere with this accent table. Stable and load-bearing metal frame structure. The packing includes all instructions and equipment needed to complete the assembly. You just need to secure the table legs and screws behind the table board, then cover the table board with a sheet of wood. The bedside table measures 16.54 inches (42cm), while it stands at 58cm tall, making it suitable for small rooms.

6. Metal Sculpture:



  • Recycled Resins and Abstract Art, Handmade This is a stunning work of art. 
  • Simply shaped, with vivacious colors, this is a worthy addition to any collection. 
  • Stupa of the quiet men 
  • As a gift for your friends or family members, this lovely statue may be displayed on a shelf. 
  • Whether it is a living room, study, or office, the cafe is a wonderful scene. 
  • There’s no risk to you. 

Customer satisfaction is of paramount concern to us, and the delivery cycle is usually between 10 and 15 days. However, if for any reason you are not completely pleased with our items, our customer care staff will work with you to make it right!


7. Metallic Table Lamp:


Almost as much of a work of art as it is a table light, the Furniture of America Rockford Contemporary Hammered Metal Table Lamp is bronze. With its rough, hammered metal cone-shaped base and gently flared white drum shade, this lamp is basic yet striking. Hammered Metal Table Lamp, Bronze, Furniture of America Rockford Contemporary 

  • Flared White Drum Shade with a Cone Shaped Metal Base 
  • Hammered Metal Texture Table Lamp 
  • It comes in a bronze color. 
  • “26” high x 12.5″ wide


8. Metal tripod Table lamp:




With beauty and grace, light up your environment. With a beautiful stained gold tripod base, this modern metal table lamp emits a gentle diffused illumination. Vintage-inspired floor lamp with angular legs has a touch of mid-century contemporary charm. For added ambient light and aesthetic appeal, place it in your living room. 


It has the following characteristics: 

  • There is one (1) Lighting Design: Contemporary Table Lamp 
  • It’s made of steel 
  • Antique gold stained tripod base 
  • Drum shade made of ivory 
  • A height that can be changed


9. Metal Wall scone:


Forerunners of both 20th-century electricity and contemporary industrial design because of its valve and striker as well as their shade and cage to protect the shade, turn of the century gas lamps have a lot in common with their modern counterparts. An old-fashioned filament bulb is guarded by a facsimile. 

  • Metal shade with a ceramic socket. Made of stamped steel with perforated metal shade. 
  • Finished in a gunmetal/bronze metal with hand distressing 
  • Designed to handle a maximum of one 40W power source Lamp with a base of E26 
  • Includes a lightbulb 
  • Consider an LED bulb with a greater lumen output if you like a brighter light. Take a look at our collection. 
  • Compatible with dimmer switch 
  • A soft, dry cloth is recommended for cleaning; do not use any cleaning products that include abrasives.


10. Metallic cushion:


A famous Italian textile business weaves together rich chenille yarn with bright filament strands to create our stunning matte and metallic combination. Changing tones and shimmering glints are seen when the pillow cover is illuminated. 


  • 50 percent polyester, 35 percent cotton, and 15 percent viscose are expertly woven together in Italy. 
  • Cutting-edge sides and seamless top structure 
  • Zipper closure with a hidden zipper 
  • Insert for pillow available separately 
  • For a fuller pillow, inserts are somewhat bigger than our pillow coverings. 
  • It’s best to dry clean 
  • Designed in the United States using Italian cloth

Adding metal wall décor to your house adds a trendy touch to any area. Earth tones, raw and stained metallic treatments, and the usage of metals are this year’s top home design trends. You may use metal in your house by using hardware, exposed pipes, or accessories.

Incorporating metal accent items into your house may truly bring out those organic and earthy elements. Your house will benefit from metal artworks that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you want to make a statement piece in your house that is trendy and customized, you may choose from a number of metals, including bronze, gold, silver, tin, copper, brass, and iron.

Metal may be used in a variety of surprising ways around the home. Metals may be used to decorate in a variety of ways, whether you like a more luxury appearance, a rustic farmhouse charm, or anything in between. Consider displaying elaborate sculptures, flower arrangements or even simple artwork. 

See some of the top trendy décor items available on the market, or those you can even design yourself, in this article above. Stylish bespoke metal wall art items for your house this year. Do let me know in comments which one you like the best.

Happy Decorating!

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