kitchen triangle


Kitchen triangle has been around for around quite a long time, yet most of us don’t know what it actually is and why it is important in our day-to-day life. You may not even realize this, but your kitchen probably has implemented this idea in its design and architecture. So, what is this important but ignored idea that has been around for decades right below our eyes? Kitchen triangle is essentially theory that makes the workflow in the kitchen a lot smoother, efficient and ordered. The three sections or segments of the kitchen triangle create a scenario where there is an ordered rotational movement for the most important tasks in the kitchen such as, cooking, chopping and storage. There are several designed layouts for kitchen which takes the kitchen triangle idea into consideration and provides a functioning and efficient working space. These layouts are discussed later on. Although the theory of this triangle has been out there for decades, the modern kitchen looks nothing like one from several years ago. Hence, the idea has developed over the years and adapted to how the interior design has moved on through generations, while staying pure to the initial theory of the Kitchen Triangle.

The theory was developed in the early 20th century and it stated that the three main areas of a kitchen should form a triangle, those being the sink, refrigerator and the stove. A general rule of kitchen triangle is that each side of the triangle should have a length between four and nine feet. The sum of the sides shouldn’t be less than 13 feet and not more than 26 feet. As we all know, not all houses have the same dimensions, so you need to adjust according to your home. Apart from that, there shouldn’t be any obstacles like a cabinet that disrupts the flow between the three sections. Kitchen triangle is also known as the working triangle or the golden triangle.

kitchen triangle


A kitchen layout is the shape of the kitchen that is formed by the arrangement of the appliances, countertop and storage areas. This geometrical layout of the floor is an important base for the kitchen triangle to work. There are several layouts and shapes for a kitchen design, some of which are discussed below.

First of all, we have the L shape layout. In this layout, we have two adjacent walls along with the cabinetry which form the L shape. This is one of the most popular layouts among the public and when you look at the benefits of this layout you can understand why that is the case. The biggest strength of this type of layout is its flexibility. It proves lots of space to work with. You can also plan smaller zones within the area as the space is generally quite large. Moreover, this shape can allow for a connection with another room. So, you can interact with your guests even while cooking. The legs of the L shape don’t have a specified dimension it needs to follow. You need to plan with your designer what the lengths should be considering the space of your kitchen.

Kitchen Triangle


A U-shaped layout of the kitchen is a good choice if you have a large space. The design consists of cabinets in three connected walls that forms the U shape. This layout works well as you have plenty of space to work with and because of the cabinets in the three walls, and the large areas, you have a lot of storage space as well. You can fit in quite a lot of appliances as well. There are several advantages of this particular design. Some of these are:

  • It is efficient. As the floor plan is planned well, you can move around and work more efficiently.
  • Nowadays, several people like to work together in a kitchen, for instance, couples. A U-shaped design provides lots of space for multiple people to work together in the same kitchen.
  • This layout also helps to keep your kids out the danger area because of its shape. This is an important factor to consider
  • You can use the island benchtop of a U-shaped kitchen layout to separate your kitchen area from the dining area
  • Most importantly, the U-shaped layout is user friendly and the large space allows a person to fill in all the necessary appliances and store all the utensils. This keeps the kitchen neat and clean.

Although there are a lot of benefits to the U-shaped kitchen. There are some drawbacks that come with it. Some of these are

  • Less available floor space because of the cabinets and benches on three sides
  • The corner cabinets are difficult to access
  • As there is a lot of space, sometimes the distance between the working zones can be too much
  • If you have a smaller space, you cannot implement this technique

Kitchen Triangle

Overall, the U-shaped layout works just fine and is quite functional. You need proper planning with it as it isn’t as flexible as the L-shaped layout. If you have a large space to work with, this layout can be ideal. Although it has some disadvantages, the pros certainly outweigh the cons if there is ample space and proper planning.


Kitchen Triangle

Then we have the G shape layout. Unlike the U-shaped layout, it has four sides, with the cabinet and countertop configuration making the shape look the letter G. It is also called a peninsula kitchen as the jut is usually built without a wall or upper cabinetry which opens up the kitchen to the rest of the area. The countertop wraps around the center of the kitchen which allows for a more efficient flow of work and it opens up more space that can be used as a breakfast bar, or for more cabinet storage space. The G-shaped layout faces similar problems to a U-shaped layout as you need medium to large space and proper planning around your sink, stove and storage to form the kitchen triangle for it to be functionable. It is ideal to have at least 10 feet by 10 feet area of space for the plan to work. The peninsula should be around 4 feet as we don’t want it to be a problem for moving in and out of the kitchen. G-shaped kitchen layouts can range from small to medium and all the way to large layouts, each of them having their own planning and dimensions. So, you have a bit of flexibility and textbook tips to plan your G shape kitchen layout, which is quite convenient.


Kitchen Triangle

When you feel like you aren’t being creative enough, turning to a simpler design is the way to go. Simplicity is something that works almost all the time. One such simple kitchen layout is the single wall layout which is also known as the one-wall kitchen layout. In this layout, nothing is too far away from the cook. Everything is in a line and easy to access. It also opens up plenty of space for other usage which is great. For small spaces, it is a brilliant design choice and because of the space that it opens up, you can work with that space, get creative and customize something that doesn’t follow the textbook rule, something that is personalized only for you.

Here are some of the pros and cons of a one-wall kitchen layout.


  • It is comparatively easier and inexpensive to build. You need fewer walls and base cabinets which also saves a bit of money
  • Because of the open space you have a lot of do-it-yourself (DIY) potential
  • The design can work in smaller spaces
  • There is an efficient workflow with ease of access to most areas



  • It isn’t as eye catching as some of the other designs that have a lot of geometrical variety to their architectural design
  • You need to make a lot of decisions for where each of the appliances goes to and sometimes you may get it wrong. Whereas in other designs you are almost know where things can fit in
  • You have fewer countertops

Overall, this simplistic single wall design works well in almost all scenarios. It isn’t quite eye catching but if you use a mix of good materials and colors, the kitchen can still look brilliant and pop out while still being just as functional and easy to maintain.

Pros and Cons of Kitchen Triangle:

These were some of the kitchen layouts of the modern era. These ideas continue to develop and evolve throughout the years. New layouts and techniques come out every once in a while. Kitchen triangle was a theory that was developed quite a while back. As expected, it has encountered some problems along the way. However, as the theory is still in use, it is evidence to the fact that this particular theory has its benefits. Here are some of the pros and cons of the Kitchen Triangle.


  • The kitchen triangle theory helps to optimize the workflow within the kitchen. No matter the shape of the layout, as long as the theory is implemented, there will be a level of optimization done on the kitchen that makes working more efficient and easier
  • The plan gives a lot of space to work. The triangle can help to avoid traffic and will allow you to move freely within the space
  • It helps to keep areas that have more germs, like the sink area or the food preparation area, close to deter cross-contamination


  • This theory isn’t ideal for multiple cooks
  • Every layout may not benefit from the triangle setup. Usually, the larger the space, the more difficult to implement the kitchen triangle theory


While the kitchen triangle is a brilliant concept and it works in a lot of situations, there are some scenarios where you simply cannot apply this theory. Galley style kitchen are making a comeback and the triangle cannot work in such a kitchen layout. In large open spaces, it is now seen as a disadvantage to implement this technique. Working zones are seen as a better option now.


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