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I have now officially built two of my own homes, two AirBnB’s, countless spec homes, and many more housing projects for our businesses. Design has been my life over the past 10 years, and you know what they say, designs are in the details. Yet, I have coined my business around the idea that those details don’t have to break the bank or be overly expensive.  May people ask my go to places to furnish homes, and while I suggest many, one of my favorite suppliers is Lamps Plus. Not only do they have unique lighting unlike anywhere else, but they also have decor, which makes the one stop shopping so great. 



Lamp Plus has been a great resource for my lighting in many of my homes. I always tell people instead of going to look at your local chain stores and retailers try Lamps Plus for more unique options that meet any budget. This way you aren’t displaying what every other home has and yours stays unique. I also love that they now offer rugs, decor, and furniture. It’s truly a place I will always recommend to friends, family, and work clients.


Why am I sharing so much about this great company? Well, recently I had the opportunity to partner with LampsPlus for a living room refresh. I have to say over this past year with COVID, I changed up a lot of things in the house. Maybe you did too. I went from farmhouse fluff to more European classic. This refresh included two new chandeliers, a new fan, new sconces, a new desk for the front office, and new dining room chairs. I was so excited to find these pieces and couldn’t wait to share them with you all. 



Let’s start with dining room chairs. Using cane in decor is a very new trend and one that I love. I have sprinkled it all over my house and fell in love with these dining room chairs when I noticed the cane detail on their backs. 




They sure gave my home modern yet classy feel. Right? Here are the end chairs that have arms too. Perfect for dining or perfect for an accent chair as well, and although my side chairs are currently out of stock, click on THIS link so see a few other fabulous cane options at Lamps Plus.



Speaking of cane again, lets now move to the office right toff the living room. My husband had a very sad desk in there for over 4 years. It has seen better days so this desk WOW what an upgrade. Check it out below. Lamps Plus really got it right with this one! 



The details on this desk are amazing. The drawers shut effortlessly and the quality is unmatched. This desk also comes in a blond wood color as well. Check that out HERE


Now let’s talk about lighting and our new fan. We wanted something more classy and traditional so we went with this. We wanted an overstated large chandelier since out living room is so tall. HERE is a small version for half the price as well also offered by Lamps Plus.  The great thing about Lamps Plus is they offer so many options of lighting to meet any budget. 





We also upgraded our fan. Before I had a large farmhouse windmill type fan, and it didn’t go with the new decor. I wanted something sleek that wasn’t the focal point when you walked in the room so we went with this one. The Maverick Fan. Don’t forget Lamps Plus has so many fan options as well. Check them out HERE



And finally to wrap up lighting we updated two of our wall sconces to better flow with the change in the room as well. This is the Mitzi Jane Aged Brass Wall Sconce. A great deal and also comes in Nickel. 





Overall, I cannot recommend Lamps Plus more! If you take anything from this post take that! 🙂 Check them out! The unlimited options are amazing and the uniqueness of their products are unmatched. Any budget and any style can be found at Lamps Plus. Check them out today! 




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