My Book Is Here!

I can finally say it. The wait it finally over. It’s no longer a secret and all my hard work is ready for you to enjoy. I wrote a book GUYS! Pre-Order’s start today and boy is there a story that goes along with it. Pull up a chair because it’s a long one. 


Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be a writer. I still remember the feeling I had sitting at my grandmothers old typewriter with a blank piece of paper in front of me. The idea of being able to permanently put down whatever thoughts came to my imagination still to this day make me feel alive. Perhaps that why I’m so partial to journals and all blank stationary and pens down any retail isle. 


Throughout the years, I have written my own poems, short stories, essays, journals, and heart felt letters. All with the same reprecutions of encouragement, “Rachel, you need to write.” “I know, I would say, “one day.” Doesn’t everyone say that? One day. In a sense that means when I have the time or when the time is right, but when ever is the time perfectly right? I remember hearing a quote sometime after college and getting my degree in English and Journalism that only 20% of authors are genuinely good at writing. The other 80% just tried. That has always stuck with me. Writing is consistent persistency. The will, the dedication to the writing even when it’s not optimal, that is when success happens and that is where I find my story. 



If you don’t know, I started my Instagram journey after a hard time in my life. Long story short, I had my first child and lost all purpose in myself. Through anxiety, postpartum depression, and a journey I don’t often like to relive, I found my heart longing for and remembering the side of me that once craved creativity. I later, through a lot of thought and prayer, had my second child, and again felt the yearning that I needed something more for me. Often time we get lost in motherhood, don’t we?  So, I decided to start something for myself and that was an Instgarm account name Crate and Cottage after the small antique booth my mom and I owned the previous year. 




I gave myself the daily task of creating an Instagram account to showcase my DIYs and passion for decor at home. Little by little it gave me purpose and a job in a sense apart from motherhood. It was then we found our land. We had been looking and dreaming for it from our starter home of 10 years. We then took a leap of faith and built our current farmhouse purely from scratch based on our own ideas. It was then during the building process that I journaled the entries through photos all the while learning how to share.  It then grew and a following slowly but surely emerged creating some beautiful opportunities in its wake. The book being one of them. All from the constant persistency of a mother needing an outlet. 


About two years ago I got a call from a friend who asked if Richard and I wanted to be on a TV show or at least pursue the idea. We walk through most doors the Lord opens and decided we would try. After a sizzle real and a lot of work we got a no. At first I felt great disappointment for all the hard work and then I got the phone call. It was the SAME day that I got a no for the TV show that I got the inquiry from a wonderful gal named McKenzie at Harper Collins. “Rachel, would you be interested in writing a book? I’ve followed you for a while on Instagram and would love to set up a meeting.”  Yes, insert mouth gapping and tears. For the Lord to close one door and open another, one that my heart greatly desired, still leaves me in awe. After a lot of meetings and pitches to the sales team, I got a yes! I remember screaming and jumping up and down in the living room after that phone call. Surreal moment for sure. Then the hard work began. 


In between homeschooling, running a business, and running a home, I squeezed in the makings of this book. Originally She Made Herself A Home was to be specifically on farmhouse design, but the nudging of my heart said otherwise. I wanted to honor all design and most importantly I wanted to encourage and teach women to create a home of intention. 


She Made Herself a Home


With that mindset in place, so began the writing of the book. From the beginning, I knew I didn’t want this to be soley my own work, I wanted to showcase some of the many talented women I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my journey with. No, I didn’t want  to showcase expensive untouchable design concepts. I wanted to showcase women of all ages, status, and class in order to encourage others to see that talent exists within all of us.  With that in mind, I asked that the pages be filled with the women within my world of Instagram. Within this book, you will hear my words and my heart on how to create intention within each room of your home, but you will also see the tips and tricks and designs from those I call friends. 


I will walk you through the rooms of your home on a budget sharing intention, places to shop, and organizing efforts. I’ll also teach you a little about your own style and give you tips from some of my favorite women on Instagram. This tiny nudge of my heart to create something for myself turned into so much more. In the coming weeks I’ll take you through so much more about the book and help you discover your intention. 



I’ve already been asked why I’m sharing my success by showcasing others? The simple answer is without the encouragement and inspiration of others, I wouldn’t be here myself and to take credit without showcasing those that inspire me well…It just wouldn’t be me at all. We are all so uniquely talented and gifted. Why should I ever keep that to myself. So without further ado, here is my baby, a compilation of hard work persistence and tears. Releasing March 17th, here is She Made Herself A Home


Photos: Leslee Mitchell 


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