Nashville Opryland Getaway

If you have been thinking about getting away to Nashville, Tennessee let me tell you about our family’s favorite place to stay, The Opryland Hotel. As a Nashville native born and raised, it is still a place I look forward to visiting each Christmas, and let me tell you why it’s my favorite Nashville getaway experience. 



As a child, my parents took us to see the Christmas lights there on display each season, as a teenager it was a place to roam with my now husband on some of our first dates. It was the location of my proms in high school, and now my own children look forward to the tradition every year. The Opryland Hotel is located 10 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from downtown. It’s near the Cumberland River, Grand Ole Opry, and Oprymills mall. There is plenty to do and see while staying here in Nashville. Let’s talk about things to see in Opryland Hotel.

LIGHTS and Conservatoires



If you have never been in a Gaylord resort you have to go just to simply see the lights and conservatories. There are designated times you can go as a visitor and not as guest too. Take a look at some of the conservatory below. There are multiple conservatories or explore with the most amazing plants, restaurants, and more. It’s truly a town within itself. There are waterfalls, trails, a river with a boat tour, and so much more. 



You could literally spend all day walking the conservatories, eating at the restaurants, and shopping in the shops. The local outlet mall is also within walking distance and the Christmas festivities and holiday decor are worth the trip. The conservatories are full of live plants from all over the world. If you have a green thumb or not, you will be amazed at the amazing plants and scenery. There is even a river inside the conservatory with a boat tour, waterfalls, beautifully lit “trails” inside and a custom light show.



The lights around the holiday are spectacular with millions of lights both inside the conservatories and outside of the premises. It is worth going just to see the beautiful display of lights.

Christmas Activities



Each year Opryland pulls out all the stops with multiple Christmas experiences. You can see a few of them above. They also host a particular admission event and this year it was “Save Christmas featuring Elf.” How fun to get to see the sets of an Elf movie and have the kids interact with them too. .


For kids there is also a Reindeer Games Scavenger Hunt featuring Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and the misfit toys, a gingerbread decorating corner for kids, ice skating, ice tubing, and more. You may even get a chance to see a real reindeer. There is plenty to do for children and for families. Check out the activity page here


Sound Waves




If exploring the hotel and participating in all the Christmas festivities isn’t enough, how about the indoor waterpark!  With a full restaurant and heated facility, this indoor water park is AMAZING. No matter your kids age, babies to teens to adults, this is a wonderful facility for birthday parties, festivities, or just part of your getaway. Adults even have their own bar and pool area on the upper floor. 



If that wasn’t enough to convince you I don’t know what will. It’s a luxury experience with plenty to see and do. If you are staying in Nashville, be sure to stop by Opryland especially during the holidays. There is plenty to see and do and you have everything at your fingertips under one roof.

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