Our Green Chef Journey

It’s time to share a wonderful company that I am proud to have partnered with this year. Green Chef has not only exceeded my expectations but each month I’m blown away with their organic options and quality of product. If you haven’t worked with a Green Chef it is a boxed meal delivery service that sends you meals based on your choices right to your door. Green Chef delivers fresh organic ingredients and helps you customize your meals based on your lifestyle with choices such as Keto, plant powered, and balanced living. They also offer family plans for larger portions.


I’ve never been one to like to cook. I think it goes back to my lifelong battle with a sensitive stomach. This battle left me with little joy and or passion with food. Richard, my husband, on the other hand adores food. He takes such joy in the experience of eating. I felt often like a failure not being able to fulfill his love for food with the way I cook. Do I cook? Yes, and I’m not terrible. I cook out of necessity and stick to healthy meals much like my mother did, but do I enjoy it. No. This is where Green Chef came into play. I wanted something that gave me more family time. I wanted something that took away the horrific meal planning that I would dread so much each week. I wanted to be able to follow something that also taught me how to use the same items I buy but cook them in a much more flavorful and delish way. 




With Green Chef, I am able to do all these things. Even my husband, who loves to do the cooking, loves getting his “cooking class in a box”. More often than not he loves learning a new method of cooking the same foods he often cooks at home in a more desirable unique way. Most of Green Chef’s meals can be prepared in under 30 minutes. They are organic and healthy and of my choosing. Each box is sent and tracked upon whichever day you choose. The packaging is eco friendly and my food is alway fresh, always cold, and always preserved. Each meal is separated in recycable bags allowing for me to easily grab one bag for that nights meals. The items are always separated and labeled and more often than not prepped and completely ready for you to simply add to the recipe. 

What are you waiting for? I’ll tell you what I hear the most. People want to eat healthy and they would love organic meals for their families. The common misconception of Green Chef is that it won’t be fresh upon delievery and that it costs a lot of money. With my offer of $80 OFF + free shipping, your meals can come less than or the same per serving ask your Chick-fil-A order and you are getting fed organically and being taught new methods of cooking. It is a no brainer!


Let this be my recommendation. I highly recommend this great company for any of you who are tired of eating out, tired of meal planning, tired of eating unhealthy, or simply tired of the same cooking methods. Green Chef has opened our eyes to new ideas and techniques, and dare I say, has even taken away some of my hesitancy with food. 


Click the link below to automatically get the discount I previously shared and ENJOY a wonderful meal! 


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