Outdoor Refresh-Week 2

It’s time to share with you the happenings of the outdoor refresh for the second week of The One Room Challenge. This week I will be showing you the installation of the actual fire pit, its sources, and the clearing of the actual area we chose. 


We first went to Lowe’s and looked at their premade fire kits, as seen here. While I must say it is convenient to be able to buy everything in one spot, we went a cheaper route and saved ourselves about $50 outsourcing the fire pit ring and getting out own stones. Lowes even had a special running 10 stones for $10.


We purchased this fire pit ring from Tractor Supplies and then we purchased the individual stones from lowes, as seen here. Let me just say that there are many many ways you can create a fire pit. I recommend using Pinterest to get the ideas flowing. Firepits also don’t have to be round. They can be square, low to the ground, or be built with many different materials. There are also many options when it comes to stone. We went with a simple gray stone and if you watch the video below. My hubby gives a pretty detailed description, always detailed :), about what he did.



After we build the fire pit, we had a friend come by with his skid steer and skim the land around the firepit. This wasn’t necessary but it helped with the leveling out of the area we chose and we were really thankful for his help. 



Next up for week 3 will be adding the exterior barrier. We are going with railroad ties. We will also be constructing some planters to hold the posts for our twinkle lights. Stay tuned for the progress.

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