Outdoor Refresh-Week 4


Eek, we are only a couple of weeks away from the BIG reveal with The One Room Challenge. This week I wanted to share the quick update of our stone base within the firepit. Remember we had previously laid the crush and run as the base and decided upon a flat sandstone as the top. We made this decision when a local nursery gave us an entire pallate for a steal of a deal. 

The best part is we had just enough to layout on the entire surface. We didn’t foillow any rules and weren’t concerned about the surface being perfectly level. We were going for perfectly imperfect. So we laid the stones. My youngest thought it was a giant puzzle and had so much fun helping us lay them.


We then took pavers sand, about 8 bags from Lowes, and spread it across the top. I can’t wait to share next week with you. I plan on potting flowers in the half whisky barrels and then getting out twinkle lights hungs up above. Addint he last decor touches are my fav! Thanks for stikcing around! Don’t miss the reveal! TWO MORE WEEKS! 




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