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Welcome to my attempt at sharing a beauty routine with you. I have always been a simple as natural as possible kind of chick. I like easy products and like to wear the same thing every day. My passion is home decor so makeup is low on the list, but I feel like when you reach 30 you need to start taking care of your skin. So please know, I am not a professional. I am not really a professional in any aspect of my life. I like to dabble in a bit of all the things. I am however not a beauty blogger by any stretch of the imagination. I enjoy dressing in style and looking nice when I go out, but I cannot hold a tune to all of the wonderful beauty bloggers out there. I just thought I would share what I do daily in hopes it might help one of you. My routine and regime is simple and low maintenance. This year I will turn 34 and this past year, I really started to notice myself aging. When you still feel 19 in your mind its hard to start coping with age. I know 34 isn’t old but to me, this past year was the first year I started to feel the aging process. I noticed wrinkles that weren’t leaving when I wasn’t smiling. I noticed the many gray hairs popping up on my head and the way my metabolism just halted. It’s safe to say most of you in your 30s started to realize the same thing. With that being said, I talked to my cousin, a PA Dermatologist specializing in cosmetics, who broke down her simple tips and products for me to comply with. I’ve listed them below. So let’s get started.




My morning face routine, which is clean from the night before, starts with these products listed below. Moisturizer, antioxidant serum, and sunscreen first. I personally love Beauty Counter products. If you aren’t familiar with them they are a natural company that advocates for chemical free facial products. Their moisture is one of my favorites. I am linking it below. Also, my cousin said that at this point in my life, I needed to maintain with sunscreen and antioxidant serum along with the moisturizer. Applying those three products every day will save my skin and lessen wrinkles, age spots, and melanoma. I am trying out this tinted sunscreen and love it along with this antioxidant serum.



Once I have these products on my face, I can then start my makeup routine. I have always loved Bare Minerals. I have used them since I was a teenager and still swear by their quality. I use two types of their foundation. One for around the house days, the tinted moisturizer face rescue, and for more of a Sunday going out look the Bare Pro. These two products both go on smooth and stay put. I highly recommend Bare Minerals. It’s one of the cleanest makeups you can find at stores like Sephora and Ulta.



I’m also sharing my favorite applicator. This is Target’s beauty blender knock off. I use this blender through my entire makeup routine. Wet the tip and your good to go. These changed the game for me for applying foundations. I then apply my concealer. I just recently discovered Color F/X and also Taste Shape Tape. These two products work wonders for those under eye circles and any other blemish that pops up my way. I am linking them below. I also apply these with the above blender.


After my concealer and foundation are set, I then move on to blush. Again, this is just my routine. I’m sure there are proper ways to go about doing it but this works for me. My go-to blush is by Tarte. This particular color has of course been discontinued but I would highly recommend any Taste blush. Tarte uses amazon clay for their makeup. Its pigments are what keep the color lasting longer and it’s also another natural option.


I apply the blush a little below my cheekbone and then use the Bare Minerals Bronzer right under my blush. I have really enjoyed have a more conjured cheek and using this right under the blush line helps for me. AND my MOST favorite product goes to Becca, Moonstone highlighter. This product, which comes in many colors. Is phenomenal. I use this right under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose. It pulls the look together and I highly recommend her highlighters. They last FOREVER and are worth every penny.


After my foundation and cheeks are set, I move on to my eyes. Some people do their eyes before anything else so they can cover up anything that’s fallen but for me, this works. I either use the Moonstone highlighter to cover my entire lid or I work with Beauty Counter classic eye palate linked here. Beauty counter again has some amazing product and their eyeshadows are pretty comparable to Tarte and are also really pigmented. I use ivory for the lid if I am using the classic Beauty Counter palate. Once I am finished with the lid I take a few colors from the same palate and open my eyes, yes open my eyes and dab the darker color in my crease. I had someone teach me at Sephora. She said if I keep my eye open I can see exactly where the crease is and who knew that dabbing instead of swiping keeps the color on longer. I told you not a professional here. Once I have the darker color in the crease, I may add a little to the outer edges of my lids and under my bottom lash line as well.

Then I move onto mascara. I have found that Tarte Lights Camera Lashes is a great product but also really enjoy Loreal color wand. I like the plastic tip of the want as opposed to a brush. Both work well in my opinion. My secret sauce for long lashes is not fake magnetic lashes or glue on lashes or professional lash tips but this product by Rodan and Fields, Lash Boost. I have tried all the things for lashes because mine are nonexistent, but this works wonders in less than a few weeks. My lashes have doubled in length and I have already had to trim them a few times. Yes, trim them. I highly recommend this product. It is a splurge for me, but like I said if you are spending money constantly on fake lashes and salon fees this is the way to go. The serum lasts a good 4-5 months and the results are unmatched. The wand is just like a mascara wand and you apply at night after your face is clean. This product also can be used on eyebrows.

Next up is my eyebrows. Why I save them for last is beyond me, but here is my $7 trick of the trade. This NYX eyebrow pencil. I used to pay $25 dollars for a special brand at Sephora and was told this NYX was a dupe and DUPE it is. It’s my favorite to fill in brows.


After I am done with this makeup routine, I spritzed my face with either Beauty Counters Body mist, or the All Nighter byUrban Decay. Spritz the face a few times and your makeup is set. Who knew this actually works. My makeup stays so long with this product. I’m used to my makeup being gone in two hours or so because I touch my face a lot. This setting spray really helps.

There is the makeup routine! For those interested in watching the entire process. Check out the YouTube video below.


Now for that night time regime. Wash that makeup off. So many people don’t. It ruins your face sitting and rubbing it in your pillowcase. Girl, wash your face, as Rachel Hollis would say. I use THE greatest product by Beauty Counter. It is their best selling product. I have tried so many makeup removers natural and not natural. They all burn my sensitive skin and burn my eyes. That burning ladies is chemicals. Beauty Counters nourishing cream cleanser doesn’t do any of that. It lasts almost 6 months for me and is worth every bit of $27. I haven’t felt cleaner or had my face with fewer breakouts of blemishes since I started using this product. If I could recommend starting anywhere with Beauty Counter it is this product. All that to say, I wash my face with this every night. After I wash my face I apply Beauty Counter night cream, linked here. My cousin also says that of all the hundred dollar creams she’s seen, even flown in from the Dead Sea, CeraVe’ is the best affordable moisturizer. I personally like mine chemical free, from Beauty Counter but CeraVe’ is a great affordable option.


The last product I use is SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0. It is something you need to work slowly into and only use a pea-sized amount of.   I use mine maybe 2 to 3 times a week. It helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol is found in many products but this is doctor grade and highly recommended.



Well, that wraps up my beauty routine. Again if you want to watch me apply my makeup step by step, check out the YouTube video above. I hope this helps you find even one product you enjoy! Share with me if you do find something you love!


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