The living room is where we spend the most quality time with our friends, guests, and even family members. It is the heart of our house. Not only for the first impression from a guest, but a pleasantly decorated place which plays a vital role in uplifting our mood. If you are bored of the old design and layout of your living room like me. Tune in we have decided to refresh the Living room space with easy to do ideas. This living room revamp guide will help you. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or big room, whether you have a traditional or modern style living room, I can guarantee you will take away something that you will use in your living room project. This article has the best guide specifically designed for living rooms, which will help you refresh your living room efficiently.

How to refresh your living rooms for a new look? You need to consider the major players in your home and revamp them for a fresh appearance that will make your home more appealing.


Make a plan, it is advisable to make a detailed plan before revamping the living space. A good layout will make it easier to make the changes. Moreover, you will be able to make the changes with ease. Planning is essential and should not overlook it at all. Take a piece of paper and a pencil to sketch your room’s shape and then decide where you will want to place the furniture. Ask yourself simple questions like whether you want the sofa to be in the middle of the room, or do you want it to push it against the wall. Of course, the paint of the room comes before selecting the furniture. So, note the color of the paint as well. It would be best if you also considered the lighting of the room in your plan.



Although your budget does come in the planning part, I still decided to give it in a separate para because it has its part. It is the first and the least fun part of your planning. You need to figure out what exactly you want to invest in the types of furniture. Then, prioritize your needs first, like do you want to put all your money on an expensive couch and buy second-hand armchairs? You need to ask yourself these types of questions, and it is the stage where you need to allocate your money accurately. I would recommend you to invest a higher proportion of your money in things which you will be using for many years to come. For example, you can avoid buying an expensive pillow set if you have a limited budget because you can change it anytime you want.


I can’t stress enough, do clear out the things you don’t want anymore. The family room is just where we spend plenty of time in our home and so keep all the stuff clear and tidy. Go through everything step by step and cast out or recycle magazines that you never read. I had a bad habit of holding magazine but never reading it, so I learnt to throw it away only after I finish reading it. What about that DVD rack all stacked up, start taking out all your DVDs and pick which ones you can really want and,  recycle or auction others? Baskets or nesting tables are the best places to hide extra cushions or throw blankets.  


While buying furniture items, you should not neglect the living room. Again, the material of the furniture should be kept in mind. We highly recommend wooden furniture for a beautiful living room. However, there are various kinds of materials available in the market today for high traffic areas. Therefore, while buying furniture, choose the most suitable one.

In the section below, I have mentioned all the factors you need to consider before choosing  to buy the furniture set to best suit you.


a. Using your previous furniture- Before buying the new one, you should consider the old ones. If they are in decent condition or have some thorns, but the bones are still solid, hire a professional who can fix it. However, if you do not have any hope remaining, we recommend you donate it to your local resale store.

b. Reupholstered  a sofa or use slipcover-

Couch Cover 

Flower Cover

You need to get rid of any outdated furniture as soon as possible. This choice will help you in imparting a new look to your living room. However, if you do not have the required skill and expertise, it would be better to leave furniture making to the professionals. Many companies specialize in reupholstery of the furniture items in living rooms, and you can depend on them for the job.

c. Consider changing color scheme- The color scheme of your living room has a significant impact on your decor. Therefore, if you wish to learn how to refresh your living rooms for a new look, you must always keep this factor. It would help if you never let your living room color schemes remain the same since these colors significantly impact your mood. Therefore, change the color schemes periodically.

d. Furniture colors- If you plan to revamp the living room, you must know about the color schemes of the furniture. Moreover, you must also think about the other accessories in the room. Keep the furniture and other accessories in such a way so that they can match up with each other. For this purpose, you can use the help of interior designers.

The color of the furniture and the patterns should coordinate a little. If you are not confident about your color patterns, we recommend you buy the preset color patterns. If the colors do not match with the room, at least the theme should match.



Satin pillows

Faux Fur Pillows

Family Pillow

Black and White Pillow

Red Throw 

Twisted Throw 



It is better to choose furniture that has better storage facilities. For many houses, the living room is the busiest place in the house. So, there will be a plethora of items that need to be stored. Look for tables with drawers or cabinets so you can keep essential things hidden. Organizing the room becomes extremely easy when you have storage furniture in your room.


Nesting Tables 


a. The function is more important than form  This means you should not forget your sofa’s primary purpose. If you buy a good-looking sofa that is stiff, then the primary purpose of comfort vanishes.

And finally, don’t get too stressed about choosing the right furniture like console tables for your living room. Get ideas from everywhere and make your plan because these items will stay there for a years to come.

Console Table

Glam Console 

Sure, you can invest in these electric wall mounted gorgeous fireplaces. Check them out they come with variety of temperature and visuals. Best part about them is they come fully assembled. They will give your place an excellent cutting edge refreshed look. 

Faux Fireplace 

Electric Fireplace 




a. Use the right colors- Good colors are an essential part of making a living room attractive. You can use paint to give a new look to your home’s living room. However, make sure that the colors used on the walls are easy to maintain. If you plan to revamp the living room, you may also consider changing the furniture around or adding accessories. Colors are known to be the renovator’s secret weapon. Use colors to identify the focal point, define interiors and make a dead room full of features. But it is essential to know which paint to pick and where to use it. We all know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect color for your living room. Get inspiration from anywhere if you are choosing the color paint for your home. Here are the four tips to help you choose the right paint for you.

b. Choose the one you like the most You find your favorite color from seeing the clothes in the wardrobe and by your picture from your phone. Use these as your guide and choose your style.

c. Create a color scheme- You can choose the color scheme of your favorite color. Also, for creating the color scheme for your room, you do not need to learn the entire color wheel. You can know the basics of color theory. You can choose the shade of color in your favorite color.

d. Use your creativity You can get the stripped walls painted in one color the entire room in another color. You can color the bones of the furniture or the wall photo frame with the same color as the sofa pillow. These are the types of creativity you need to apply. These things make the room more relaxed.

e. Knowing the power of color- Just because of the paint color, your room can feel bigger or smaller. Generally speaking, the white paint color on the walls makes the room more prominent and more open. And the warm colors create a sense of coziness and a sense of intimacy. So, I should choose the type of color depending on the size of the room.



French Wood Mirror

Round Mirror

 Mirrors are one of the best ways to reflect light inside the room. Make it more spacious and airier. Lighting also effect the layout. Therefore, when you are refreshing your home, you must plan the lighting. It would help if you also used proper lighting to highlight specific areas of your living room. If your lighting is not so proper, then it will not be possible to highlight the wall’s parts or highlight the pictures on the wall.


8. RUGS 

Vintage Rug 

Jute Rug

Change your rugs frequently: Now, this may sound very ordinary, but it is a crucial way to refresh your living rooms for a new look with these beautiful sisal or oriental floral rug. You should always pay attention to your rugs and replace them whenever they become damaged, faded, or dirty. Also, pay attention to your bedding as well. It would be best if you replaced the bedding at least once every six months or so. You can also go in for new curtains and other items to impart a new look to your living room.

Your family is the number one asset in your house, and the living room is essential for their comfort. Thus, you have to work hard to maintain the highest comfort level for all household members. Revamping the living room design for the new season should be done with great attention and consideration for your family members’ various needs. It would be best if you considered the above tips when doing the revamping. Thanks for reading the article till the end, and I hope you found some value from it—best of luck!

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