We spend a huge amount of time in our bedrooms, after tiresome days it’s our safe haven. Our days end and start from this one place. When it comes to the interior design and style of the bedroom most of us go for comfort over fashion. In terms of décor, we usually go for clean linens, bedding, furniture pieces like a bed, cupboard and that’s about it.

How many of you have walked around your bedroom and thought you were bored with the same old look? Don’t worry you are not alone. Nowadays, as life seems so mundane everything needs a little sprucing up.  Most of us do not really have a problem with redecorating, but just don’t know where to begin. It doesn’t matter if you want to make an entire room transformation or just add a few different touches. You don’t want to spend a lot of money or do something big I understand. There are plenty of ways that you can easily and economically refresh your bedroom. But it’s good to revamp a little every now and then. And the most critical part?

Life always seemed a little lighter when you refresh your bedroom. I know that every little adjustment I’m making around the house gives me a significant boost and energy, and the overall outlook of the space can be enhanced with doing so little. If your bedroom’s lack of style puts you to sleep, revamp the look with these easy ideas. Our roundup of simple, affordable bedroom updates will give your space plenty of personality in addition to comfort and function.

Beauty Tray

Cosmetic Organizer 

Storage Bags 

1. Declutter, Use storage organizers, remove extra clothes and linens:

We will start with “less is more”. You will need to start with the basics, in regards to items that can be found in most bedrooms. Cupboards should be the first thing that you will declutter when you begin to refresh your bedroom. Use storage pieces that are stylish yet functional like these to declutter. The key here is to clean the space up. Everything that is irrelevant and has no or little use, throw them away. If you need them to opt for storage that is under the cupboard and out of sight.

Satin Pillow Case

Bed Sheets 

Studio McGee Pillows 

Weighted Blanket 


Valentines Pillow 

Textured Pillow 

Tufted Yellow Pillow



2. Bring the color

Don’t be afraid to bring the color in your bedroom, we know we are a fan of crispy white sheets but adding color here and is so exciting. Change bedding first. As it’s the first thing we notice in any bedroom. On cream plain satin sheets add a colored cushion or opt for a colorful throw blanket. Color can add an instant refreshing look.


Knit Blanket

Chenille Throw


Gray Stripe Rug 

Tassel Rug 


3. Add pattern and textures with rug, cushions, and throw blankets

Play with textures and patterns, they will make or break your bedroom ambiance so don’t overdo it. Just keep it simple elegant yet chic. Take that vintage throw blanket out and add the oriental rug to match.



4. Change paint color or wallpaper it

The next thing you can do is to refresh the paint, you can use Pantone for 2021 which is Grey and yellow tone. Try to refresh paint in a single tone or take one wall and paint it in a darker tone. If you are not a big fan of paint go with wallpaper to set the mood. There are a variety of patterns style wallpapers are available in the market today check them out below. If you keep your bedroom’s walls and furniture neutral, it’s easy to add bursts of color whenever and wherever you wish. Pick one or two colors you love and then repeat the hues in vibrant artwork and colorful accents. Here, a green duvet, red throw blanket, and colorful pillows energize the otherwise neutral space.



5. Add & Update Accessorizes

Add accessories in the room. Remove all old accessories and add new ones to change the aura. From bookends to an alarm clock. You can add these quirky accessories to add the new refreshing finished look.

Tufted Chair 

Hanging Arm Lamp 



6. Add a Cozy Corner

 Add a seating. You can choose one corner and make it a cozy reading or relaxing corner.  A beautiful armchair with a lamp can do the trick. Another easy item to add to a room in a chair. There are many types of chairs that can be added to any space. A simple wicker chair can be a great addition to any room. They are very versatile and you can use them for many different things such as dining room chairs or a small desk. Adding a chair with a footstool can also give you additional space-saving options.

Ombre Curtains Little Girls Room

Simple Faux Silk Blackout Curtains


7. Update Window Treatments

Updating the curtains may seem a small change but just changing the window treatments can give a revamped look to your bedroom.


Leather Upholstered Headboard 

8. Change the Headboard

Changing the whole bed will be quite a daunting task so go ahead and change the headboard if it’s upholstered reupholstered, or change it entirely to give a feeling of a new outlook to the whole bedroom.

The first thing you need to consider is the bed. Most people who cannot afford to replace their entire bed will at least consider changing the headboard. Getting new bedding is not only a good idea but will give your room a whole new look.


9. Try a new furniture arrangement & layout

Move things around, try different furniture arrangements, and chose the one you like. This will give your bedroom an instant refresh feel.

Clear Pull 


Gold Knob 


10. Change knobs closet doors and DIY some shelves

Door and cabinets knobs are so small things but it goes a long way. They give your cupboard and dressers an instant refreshed look.

Harmony Candle 


Fresh Linen


11. Add flowers and scented candles to make it a stress-free zone 

Last, but not least make your bedroom a stress-free and digital-free zone to keep the harmony and calmness around. Add scented candles and fresh flowers. Add some flowers. A basic grocery store bouquet or even a stem or two plucked from the sidewalk will add color, life, and scent to your bedside. If your bedroom gets enough light, consider keeping a plant in there instead. Who doesn’t like some extra greenery and oxygen?


Puck Lights 


12. Let there be light

This fix can be as money-intensive (or not) as you’d like. Shift from lamps to sconces to save some table space. Change the standard overhead lighting to a dramatic chandelier. Add a dimmer switch. Put a lamp in a dark corner. Put candles on top of the dresser. Even if you aren’t looking to spend a dime, think about the height of your lights. For the longest time, I had a rinky-dink little lamp next to my bed that wasn’t even at the right height for reading. By putting it on top of a neat stack of books, my nighttime reading ritual was dramatically improved. For the most basic updates, spend 10 minutes thinking about what kinds of lighting make you happiest and calmest, and spend the additional 20 making it happen with the materials you have on hand.


Gold Mirror Stand Alone 

13. Add mirrors to make the space look spacious and bigger

One important piece that should be added to any bedroom is a mirror. A mirror is the main feature of the bedroom, so make sure that it matches the rest of the décor. You can even buy mirrors that reflect the light from your bedroom, which will create a great illusion. Mirrors can also be a great way to refresh a room as they can be placed several inches off the floor.


The last few items on the list are small tables and lamps. These items will be most useful when you have a room that you want to get organized. A table lamp can help you define the furniture in a room and provide light while you are working in a particular area. Lamps will also add some needed extra space to a room.

Hope you like these trips and ideas to revamp your bedroom for the new year. Do let us know which one is your favorite in the comments.

Happy Refreshing your space!


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