With the fast change of choice of people, a new design, from every single aforementioned design has opted and now is trendy in the design books and over the internet. It is the – ”Dining room design”.

Dining room design is very popular these days but what makes it so choicely?  The design is the indication of wood elements and white tones, being and little bit of color here and there. 

In my point of view, Dining room design is a mixture of Scandinavian, French and Mid-century modern design. It takes the cleanliness and the simplicity from the Scandinavian design. From the French design, it adapts the warmness and textile of the royal look. And the mid-century modern design contributes to the elegance of the dining room design.

When the dining room design is to be used in kitchens or dining rooms it needs to follow a certain style. The furniture used in those rooms, the wall paint and the rugs all needs to match up in a very fashionable manner. Because being a mixture of all the other designs, either it’ll be a better one of all of them or it’ll just be a joke when things do not attract the eyes. 

Using color of walls:

Since the dining room spring moodboard theme is mostly brown or wooden color, therefore, the wall paint should be skin or light yellow. Because it sustains the warmth of the theme. A unique design at one side of the wall will surely enlighten the whole room of art and design.

Just like the picture above, the wooden color fits perfectly with the theme. Rugs are not the thing that goes on with the theme. Rather vinyl flooring suits better. Vinyl flooring comes in different styles. A  check flooring, colors matching with the walls would be exquisite for the dining room spring moodboard theme.

Flooring just like above would be a good example of the definition.


After consideration of the wall and the floor, the next thing that matters the most fits the chairs and the table. A modern design must not have primitive fashioned furniture as they would be inept for each other, even if it comes to the choice of the user. The concept of beauty and décor is defined by collaboration and matching.  So, each item must be close to the look of the next.

Such light fashion chair matching  with the floor is the best fit. Table  and chair both needs to be simple  because the royal designs do not  apply to the dining room spring moodboard theme.  Rather simplicity and elegance fit  best. Lets see the dining room spring moodboard theme list below:

Dining Table

Target Dining Table 

Meet your loved one with a dinner on the Astrid Dining Table of the mid-century with the Project 62TM extension leaf. This wooden dining table can fit you all with the extension leaf giving extra bedroom, whether you have a supper for the family at evening or entertaining visitors. The round edges and slightly inclined four-point legs give you an easy appearance that fuse with the rest of your design for a straightforward esthetic.

Modern design reached its apex and has expanded throughout the country to dwellings. Through the groundbreaking notion to celebrate design for everybody, Target was created in Minnesota. Project 62 is a collection of modern items for daily living that encompasses this heritage.


Dining chair

Target/ $100

The Chair of the Lana Curved Back Dining — Project 62 is the ideal mechanism for you to choose when trying out modern or simple décor. Has a sleek, attractive and pure finish, made of hardwoods. You may put it indoors wherever, such as the dining room, the reading room or the bedroom. It is unpadded and does not require mounting.


Bar stools

Target/ 60$

Improve the look of the ThresholdTM Halifax Farmhouse Wood Counter Stool with its utilitarian simplicity, high-end dining table or home pub. Built in strong, stable oak with a distressed finish, this stool is 23.81 inches, adding a country-chic feel to your home. It stands on four square, flared legs with foot rails that provide stability and has a curved seat topping it with improved comfort and aesthetics. Moreover, a space-saving option for each area is the backless and armless design.



Wayfair RUG

  • Machine Made Material Polypropylene.
  • Placement: indoor use only.

This amazing colorful rug is the perfect addition to your dining room with subtle shade to add the missing pop of color in dining area. Your new area rug is finally here and the moment has come to show your new core. You notice that the corner is slightly bent after unplugging your teapot because it is firmly rolling, but not to worry, there are numerous ways to eliminate these troubling bends. One approach is just to put the rug for a few days so that its strands may naturally relax and flatten. Be cautious not to cross these things and you should flush your rug up on the ground after a few days, so you can capture any visitor’s notice.



Target Side Table

Saracina Home’s Timothy Modern Lifted Triple Storage Sideboard is available in three configurations. An movable wood shelf in the case provides a flexible closed storage, while the center of your decoration is set in two movable tempered safety glass shelves. Odds and ends may slip directly into the two drawers. A modern buffet makes for a soft closet and smooth, telescoped metal drawer glides. A cord management connector enables you to turn the part into a TV stand for up to 58 centimeters of displays.

Table runner

Wayfair Runner

Even the best eating setting is not exactly messy, but protecting your furniture against pouring candle wax, saucy spillage or a strange scratch with a table rider might be a smart idea. It has a strong ivory tint made of 100 per cent cotton and is ideal for classical aesthetics. For bigger tables this specific rider is the perfect bryzy accent. We recommend washing hands only to look after this item.

Product Details

  • Primary Material: 100% Cotton
  • Reversible: No
  • Recommended Wash Type: Hand wash

Wall art

Amazon/ $79.99

  • Made and delivered in the USA. • Spread and framed ready to be suspended. (including the attachment kit)
  • Optional multi-floating frame colors, 1.5″ deep. Strengthy framework and resistant to shrinkage.
  • A wonderful addition to the dining room wall with perfect accent shades to match the interior



Wayfair Planter

Upgrade your plants and use these pot plants to offer modern style to your house. They are composed of metal and a bottle silhouette with three V-shaped legs stands on an open foundation. The cans are gray, stone-like, giving a sense of rustic beauty. These plants have no drainage holes, so you don’t need to worry about running out water – They measure 20″ and 24″ high and are therefore suitable for your home or entrance in that vacant area.



Wallmart Light

Specially designed to accommodate indoor décor for dining room living, bedroom, study, restaurant, aisle etc. • Made of iron, sturdy, easy installation. Simple lampshade provides you with a delicate wall look, good furnishing, a stylish surroundings

We do hope you like this months moodboard for dining room spring decor. If you like the series do watch all other rooms here in our mood board room series.

Happy Decorating!


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