Super fun and easy ways to refresh your space in 2021

Are you bored of walking in your house and looking at the same old layout?

The way furniture is laid out, the room setting, everything looks mundane. Specifically, now as we are at home most of the time everything seems bland. On top of that new year but same old house vibe. No, we are not catching on to a “new year new me” jargon train. Just want a little change that can spruce things up a little.

The holiday haze is probably worn off by now and we all are seeing the messy aftermath with fresh eyes. This is the perfect time to give your space a refresh and start the new decade off with a crisp and stylish space. You don’t want to spend a lot of money and not sure how to do that, well you are in the right place. Let me guide you a little about how we can refresh our space with little or no budget. It is actually easier than it may seem. Can take up to five min to change the outlook of the space and make it a brighter and happy refreshed space. Keep in mind more efficient use of space with some decluttering along the way.

In this article, I will provide you with useful tips and suggestions on how to do it efficiently.


Start off with decluttering the space:

As they say, start with a clean slate. It’s less scary if you only do one space or room at a time.

You can take this step as an effort to downsize or just think of it as a phase to make your life simpler. Start with one room move the furniture, clean everything with a vacuum. Check everything, tackle it in stages. Take everything off the bookshelves and remove all the decorative pieces from tables. Go through everything and see if you can add something from another room, like change places of the floor lamp from the living room to the hallway or if there is anything that can be added to this room.



Refresh your paint or wallpaper it:

Wall paint is the most effective way to refresh a space or to start out fresh. You can choose New year Pantone’s to add that spark or wallpaper it to change the outlook.

The key is to understand what color palettes go best with your home’s style and layout. Bright, cheery, whimsical colors will look super-adorable on a bungalow-style but may not work on a Victorian home which lends itself to more serious, neutral paint colors. Don’t leave the beat-up wood that irritates you paint it up it will it an instant room refresh.



Restyle your shelves and rearrange the furniture:

Arrange your pieces according to the function. Like if an item is a necessity it has a major function to keep it. Start re-grouping accessories and hang the artwork in a new changed style. Get that rug from your storage and laid it out. Try to spruce things up by changing the arrangement give it a new perspective to get the fresh energy flowing. The first step should be to plan and execute everything out properly. Decide exactly how you will carry out the rearrangement and what part of your home you will be rearranging. You should also decide whether you will be carrying out the rearrangement yourself or hiring a professional to do it. It is always better to carry it out yourself as then you will know more about how to refresh your home according to your taste.



Recycle, upcycle, redesign:

Next, you should plan out the budget for this phase so that you know how much you can spend on it. When you are deciding on how to refresh your home for the new year, it is always better to do a little upcycle or recycle if you may. Renovate an old shelf into a plant stand or reupholster a sofa. Use travel trunks as bedside tables or use it as a shelf to display accessories. Or by simply adding some furniture or changing the color scheme of your room. A small change can be very refreshing and have a big impact on the total outlook of the room.

On the other hand, use different material pieces to add effect. Like bare wooden pieces give you a warm environment which can help you relax better. It is always better to choose the one which matches the color of your walls and adds a touch of style to your home.



Add a touch of greenery:

Add nature to your house as these days stress is the part of our daily life. With fresh flowers or having certain plants can calm things around you and with the added benefits of clean air. Check out indoor plants. They will add color and purify the air, aesthetics is not the only thing indoor plants can be quite beneficial.

They will add beauty and character to your home. They are easy to care for and the planters themselves are quite chic. They can add that final touch to your space. Add some healing stones to give positive energy to space. You can use faux plants as keeping our plants green all year is also an issue so here come faux plants, they are the perfect medium we can always rely on. These few things will not only refresh your space but add that much-needed harmony.



Add color and texture by incorporating small accessories:

Like adding cushions or throw blankets can add color to an all-white living room. Or by adding stylish modern bookends can give life to the boring old bookshelf. Add small accessories to pop not to blend.

Paint the end tables or wallpaper an old bland wall to give that refreshed outlook. Add new textures by bringing the ceramic pieces to the front. Or put those family heirlooms on display.



For Bathroom and kitchen add professional organizers:

You can buy those stackable stylish storage jars and containers from amazon to do a bathroom and kitchen refresh. It will not only make your life easier, simpler clutter-free but also in a stylish way.

These storage organizers are built for utmost flexibility and practicality in mind. You can add those for laundry kitchen cabinets, pantry, dressing rooms, and hobby rooms.

More ideas can be as small as:

  • Fluff your pillows.

  • Add mirrors to fake bigger space in small congested spaces.
  • Changing lights like wall scone lights. Adding more task, accent, or ambient lights.
  • Install new hardware like doorknobs, cabinet handles to give a new refresh look.
  • Create a cozy corner just for relaxing and enjoying a good read with a warm cup of coffee.

However, we do hope this roundup can help you think critically about your space — and how you can change it up to refresh the space. This is the first of the Refresh series I am working on. Next up, we have the Bedroom refresh series, which entails all the choices you can incorporate while refreshing your bedrooms.


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