Top 10 Christmas Trends of 2020



As a decor blogger, I know a trend when I see it. I can now call them from a million miles away. I tend to see what people are leaning more toward for upcoming seasons, and I  have even worked with brands on what I felt would be still be classic and in style for the year ahead. Each year I try to think about, in advance, what I want my theme for Christmas to be. Some years, I use what I have and others years I implement new elements that I feel are trending. With all that said, let’s get to it. Here are my…


Top 10 Christmas Trends for 2020



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1. Dried Oranges


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  • I know I know. What are you talking about dried oranges? I am talking about slicing an orange and dying it out. It’s something you can do at home or something you can purchase. Think simpler times. Think using food and what you had to decorate. Think olden days. That’s the trend I see happening. Going back to the roots. I even purchased some myself to make a garland. Here are a few examples. Click each picture to link product. 



2. Brass Candlesticks 


  • Brass Candlesticks will forever be a classic staple in decor. Brass spans all seasons all themes and all holidays. As antique brass shows up more and more, these are a great way to decorate for any seasons. Click on the picture above to find these on Etsy. Places like Hobby Lobby and Amazon also offer them as well.


3. Sparse Simpler Trees 



  • Yup, flocked trees will always be pretty, but this year sparse Alpine Firs and simpler trees are in. With 2020, we are seeing a trend of wanting simplicity. I think that even goes down the detail of a tree. Simpler trees are in. Check out this Target one here


4. Pine Garland 


  • Let’s bring the outdoors in shall we. Again, going with simplicity this greenery gives you all the Christmas feels without needles dropping all over your floor. Been there done that. The more “real” your faux greenery can look the better! This is a great option for sure. 

5. Black Ornaments

  • I know black! Say What! Yes, I see a few black accents on a tree paired with gold and black in ribbons going far this year. This black will pull from the modern farmhouse vibe. The metal industrial accents. I don’t see anything wrong with adding a little black to match your more modernized home. You watch for it! It will be there. 

6. Wooden Bead Garlands


  • Again, going back to a simpler time. All color wooden beads will be in. Garlands for your mantle and for your tree and banister railings. There are red, gray, white, and wood tone garland beads. You name it they have it. Pair with with green garland and oranges. Wow. 

7. Popcorn Garland


  • Do you see a theme forming? Vintage Christmas, right? You can do this yourself to string cranberries and popcorn on twin and make your own easy DIY garland. But for those who think they may want to leave the popcorn effort for eating, I have linked this faux popcorn garland here. 

8. Antique Ornaments


  • There is something nostalgic about the ornaments my grandmother used to use on her tree. That and 1000 pounds of tinsel. The ornaments are classic and will always be perfect for Christmas. Etsy has some great options for antique ornaments and if you want some new ones to look old, Hobby Lobby has many to choose from. 

9. Wooden Christmas Accents 


  • I’m seeing a large trend with wood accents in decor. Wooden bowels, wooden chargers, anything and everything wood. I think Christmas is no exception. Wooden trees, beaded garland, ornaments, and more. 

10. Velvet Accents



  • I see a lot of deep jewel tones being a trend this year. Deep greens and turquoise and stockings and ribbons in browns and jewel tones. I think there is a lot of people who want color for the holidays beyond red and this fulfills the needs of those who love color in accents.

Well, that wraps up my top 10 Christmas trends of 2020.  It really always boils down to preference but I think there are some items you will see used a lot this year. I even will be using some of them. Happy Healthy Holidays! x0x0x


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