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Girl Nursery Room Decor 

If you don’t know, our family is in the process of adopting a baby girl domestically. I shared the story here. We are finished with our home study and are awaiting a match. In the waiting process, and because I’m always prepared, I couldn’t  wait to design the little girl nursery of my dreams. I’ve waited all my life to be a girl mom and getting to do this was so special to me. 


Why is our nursery is done already? 


I was warned by our consulting firm that doing a nursery early might be sad and that they didn’t recommend it. I simply see it differently. I wanted to feel prepared, and I wanted a tangible space for her to make it more real. It’s a place I can enter in and immediatly have hope rush all over me. I can sit and pray for her and her mother and for out future as a unit. On the flip side, our social worker told me that a lot of mothers would love to see the nursery in our profile book. It would help them visualize where their baby would be resting and growing up. So with both opinions, I decided what was best for us was to feel prepared and have a place for her. Each family can make their own decision based on their own situations. 



Early this week we also got word a  mother who was due within a months time span. Although it didn’t work out, it made me even more glad that we have her room ready. We aren’t sure if it will be a month from now or a year from now, but we are ready for her and praying for her in the interim. 

Nursery Design

So let’s talk design! Because I have two boys, you know I wanted to use all the pink. Subtle pink, that is, but pink nonetheless. I first painted the two outside walls a pale pink. The room is perfectly symmetrical, and I felt doing the outside walls would balance it out.  I then found the perfect rug to compliment the space. I always get asked if I build room off a rug and in this case I did. After the walls and rug were set,  I then purchased two great beds, both a crib and twin. They are both made from the same company and it made it easy to work my design around knowing they were the same style and color. The twin for me to lay in while we are doing late night feedings, and for her to grow in as well, but also the matching crib. I then added a few things that I already had, like the dresser and side table. I even got my mom to recover the glider I used for both boys in pink to match her girlie theme. 


It came together perfect, and I’m so excited to share the reveal and sources with you guys! We can’t wait to bring our sweet girl home to this space and watch her grow here. If you are the praying type, would you join with us as we wait for her. We appreciate this community and can’t wait to share her and our journey with you.


See below for all products links. 



All Bedding is Linked Below


Lastly, the bookshelves are linked here from Ikea. 



I hope you enjoyed the nursery reveal as much as I loved sharing it. We are eager to meet this new addition and can now say we are officially ready.          xoxox

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