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Hi, I’m Rachel, a Nashville native, homeschooling mama to four, wife to my teenage heartthrob, and a creative pursuing my purpose, one dream at a time. I’ve always been on a mission to bring my family on the journey in everything I do. Who says moms can't dream big, be at home with their kids, and be successful? I've been on my entrepreneurial journey for 7 years now and have found a common denominator between myself and the women who follow me. We desire a deep purpose and sometimes that purpose is beyond our day to day duties. Often times we negate ourselves and our true callings and desires for the business life creates. It is my hope to empower you to look past those hangups and really recognize who you were created to be in hopes to make your dreams a reality.

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In 'She Made Herself a Home', I share my secrets to creating inviting, beautiful spaces on a budget. Guiding you through easy DIY projects and essential decor tips, I help you make every room in your home uniquely yours. It's your go-to guide for transforming any space into a personal haven, without breaking the bank.

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She Made Herself a Home

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I believe in the power of leaning into our callings and the God given desires placed on our hearts. It is why I have shared my journey through my book, on my podcast, and across countless articles and blog posts. So many time we cannot reach our full potential because we don't even take the time to know what that is. Through my digital courses and encouragement. I hope you find your why and because a woman of purpose both in and outside of your home.

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Your home is more than just walls and furniture; its a canvas for your life's story. What you create inside those walls, your memories, your smells, your traditions, that is what stands the test of time becoming the legacies you leave behind. Our deep seeded joys and desires have so often gotten buried due to the businesses of life and day to day duties and its my desire to help you unearth those desires and passions. To help you bring them to surface and enjoy them inside your home.

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Step into my world of handpicked favorites, a collection that resonates with my personal taste and style. From unique home decor pieces to must-have lifestyle products, 'Shop My Favorites' is a treasure trove of items that I adore and recommend. Whether you're seeking inspiration or that perfect item to elevate your space, each piece is chosen with love and an eye for beauty and functionality.

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I have found my most often asked questions are about the home I've created, and I don't mean the color of my walls. I get asked about the heart of my home. How I homeschool, how I adopted, how I changed my home to a less toxic state, and many more. It is my hope that through your curiosity of how I manage my home I can help you unearth some desires of your own.

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