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It’s been an honor to be apart of The One Room Challenge. This was my second time participating and its so great to share this experience with so many awesome bloggers. Their transformations are amazing and each participant deserves recognition. I love following so many talented people along their home making journey.

You’ve all been following us for the past few weeks watching us transform our back side yard into a resting oasis. We’ve taken each week and shown you the step by step process into building this fire pit. So, without further adieu, here she is.


What do you think? We absolutely adore it. We’ve already had so many great nights around the fire telling stories and being with family and friends. Its a great way to turn off all devices and just be together.


Here is a little recap to our story. We started our journey by scraping the ground away, laying railroad ties, and filing the inside with crush and run gravel. You can see that progress here. We then covered the gravel with flat sand stone and then filled that area in with paver sand. That weeks blog post can be found here. After setting 4×4 posts in cement in our whiskey barrels, we then filled the remaining half of the barrel with soil and filled it with flowers. Our posts then serve the purpose of holding up the outdoor string lights that we hung and attached to our tiny house.


Over all this project took a couple weeks. I think you could finish it in a few days if you worked hard and had all the material needed on hand. The most time consuming part was going back and forth to the store each time for each item. The project cost us well under $1000 and was worth every penny.


I purchased these white plastic adoranak chairs from Ace Hardware. After weighting the cost of real wood, it was a better option for us to go plastic. We can store them easier in the winter and pressure wash them down without chance of rot or damage. These are really comfortable too with higher backs.

The last touch were the outdoor pillows from Walmart. You can find similar ones here.

This is such a simple space but it added an entire extra “room” to the yard. The challenge was well worth the effort, and I see us using this for years to come. Fire pit’s are a great way to get your family together telling stories and enjoying the outdoors.


Until next time ORC, it’s been real fun! Hope you all enjoyed the transformation, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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